February Favourites


February favourites. I know I always bang on about how fast time goes but can you believe we have now entered chapter 3 of 12 this year? Nope? Me neither. February has been one of those months where I have rekindled my love with products stashed deep within my make-up draws all over again. It's quite fun really, you own something, forget you had it, use it again and boom you suddenly realise how amazing it was and then wonder why the heck you ever lost touch with it...

Nars Sheer glow - shade barcelona. 
First up on the list of make-up items I have re-discovered this month is good old NARS sheer glow. Since Revlon photoready decided to re-brand and re-formulate to Revlon Photo ready airbrush effect foundation I have completely and utterly been devastated. As a huge fan of the original version of this foundation I was so upset to discover how much they had changed it (badly may I add) - why do brands do this?!! So now I have had to swiftly move back to my trusty NARs sheer glow - an amazing foundation just quite a hefty price tag when like me you seem to get through foundations like there's no tomorrow!

MAC strobe liquid in Golden Elixir 

Next up is one of my favourite dewy skin products of all time. Again, I really don't know why I did stop using it but after having a bit of sun-kissed tan look going on this month I wanted to give my face that fresh dewy finish. I like to apply a little of this after my moisturizer and before my foundation - this way it gives such a gorgeous glow to my skin. Unfortunately this is a limited edition product but I'm pretty sure you can still get hold of it on depop or ebay - alternatively they do still stock the orignal strobe liquid, which again I love! 

MAC eye shadow in shade Soba
Eye shadows admittedly aren't a regular occurrence in my daily make-up routine but just lately that has seemed to somewhat change. I definitely like to wear a more natural sort of look in the day - nothing too heavy on the eyes. I have now found the perfect go to day-time eye shadow to fit into this category. MACs soba is described as a gold brown with slight gold shimmer. I like to simply blend this all over the lid, up into the crease and then add a bit under my lower lashline - it gives a gorgeous soft smokey but yet still very natural look to the eye. 

GOSH lipstick in shade nugget. 
The KJ lip hype has definitely rubbed of on my lipstick draw just lately; gone are the shades of bright bursts of colours and in their replacement are various hues of neturals in browns, nudes and beiges. My latest lipstick addition and one of which has fastly become an all time favourite is GOSH's nugget - A deep brown with a tinge of red with an opaque yet slightly glossy finish. The creamy-ness of this lipstick is insane which makes it a perfect day-time shade as it keeps your lip s lovely and nourished all day long.

Scandel eyes // Rimmel liquid eyeliner pen 
Just lately I've been on the scout for an easy to use liquid liner that's not too expensive. I get on really well with the pen like ones however my only niggle is that I usually find they dry up way too quickly? That aside I've been really loving this Rimmel one, super easy to apply and gives you a nice fine line which you can easily build up depending how you like your thickness. So far so good and not dried up may I add...
Maybelline // Instant anti-age - The eraser eye concealer
This concealer seems to be popping up on everyone's blogs/youtube at the moment so apologies for being another to jump on the bandwagon so to speak but in all honesty I can now see why this is attracting so much hype. It is fair to say this concealer is definitely one of the best I have tried from a drugstrore brand, having a super thick creamy texture making it sheer genius for those dark early morning bags that I seem to have re-occurring! An under eye setting powder is a definite must for this product but apart from that I am absolutely loving this discovery...

Revlon colour burst lacquer balm in demure
Chubby lip crayons have been quite a new addition into the lip world and I will be first to admit that I definitely snubbed my nose up at these. The thought of a glossy, sheer and minimal coverage product did not appeal to me at all however boy I was wrong about these. These crayons are perfect slapped over the top of your lippy to give it that added boost of shine and moisture - and not to mention a juicer powt! This one in particular has a minty aroma to it which I initially assumed was down to having toothpaste around my mouth but nope not sign of mis-spilt toothpaste just a minty fresh lip crayon - odd but very pleasing.

Sorry the picture quality is horrific in this post - bad day, bad lighting (doh!) 
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