Top - Warehouse - £36.00 - Link here!
Coat - Primark - (Instore)
Culottes - Warehouse - £38.00 - Link here!
Bag - H and M - £29.99 - Link here!
Shoes - Missguided - £45.00 - Link here! 
Sunglasses - TK Maxx - £12.99 (Instore)

When I first heard that culottes were making a return within the fashion world I was mortified. Big, baggy, flarry, unfitted and wide trousers are a far cry from my usual skin tight jeans or any bottom half item for that matter. Dressing to flatter our figures and flaunt off our curves instead of hiding them has been preached by Gok Wan at every opportunity available but yet now it seems semi-acceptable to do the absolute opposite and in fact baggier can look good. I've held back buying culottes for a hell of a long time now but the more they have infiltrated my Instagram feed and flooded the pages of Vogue the more I have lusted over buying a pair.

Culottes are one of those items that are so wrong but yet so right. For starters they are just the most comfortable inventions ever - (I'm talking pajama bottom comfy), I have room to breathe/eat and the whole battle to get them on is just non existent. I teamed mine with an over-sized tucked in knit to give them that classy work appropriate yet fashionable edge. Laced up cut out heels are another huge trend this season and these pair are an absolute steal from missguided. An over-sized bag and big sunnies are standard daily essentials for us bloggers. The sunglasses in particular were an absolute bargain find from Tk maxx at only £12.99! 

Now that I've let my anti-baggy trouser self convert to the dark side and experience culottes, they have just upped in the fashion rankings in my eyes and yes, I am already eyeing up my next pair!

What do you think about the culotte trend?   

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Faye Jones said...

Love this outfit - you look really cool :)

Faye x
i wish i could wink

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