Moisture Renew Lipstick by Rimmel || Nude Delight

  Rimmel // Moisture Renew lipstick in Nude Delight // £6.49 // Link
Yes, another lipstick post! I do apologize, however, I have been quite obsessed with making the odd cheeky lipstick purchase when wondering through boots lately, it's actually starting to become quite a habit now. *whoops*
This lipstick is no stranger to my make-up bag, oh no it isn't - in fact it has been a firm favourite of mine for some time now. You can't beat a good old lashing of a nude lipstick on a day-today basis, it's such an easy colour to wear on the go and especially if your like me, always in a hurry!
The formula of this lipstick is possibly one of the main reasons I adore it so much. It is super pigmented, highly moisturising and keeps my lips so hydrated and soft throughout the day - which is a big pro for me as I tend to suffer from dry lips quite badly during the winter. It also contains SPF20 which will help protect your lips from sun damage (not that we have any sun over here in the uk!).The shade itself is a gorgeous pale peachy/nude, and it actually reminds me a lot of 'shy girl' by MAC (but at a snippet of the price). The longevity of this lipstick is pretty standard for a nude shade and lasted around about 4 hours until I found that I needed a slight top up.  
This is definitely one of my favourite all time nudes - and I have tried a fair few in my time! If you are looking for that perfect day time nude lipstick I highly recommend that you give this a try - you won't be disappointed!
What's your favourite nude lipstick?  

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