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Schwarzkopf // got 2 b - Oil-licious tame and shine styling oil 50ml // Currently £2.71 // Link!

If you are a frequent reader of my blog you will know that hair care plays a substantial part in my daily up keep. Hair oil is something that I cannot STRESS the importance off, especially if like me you are an obsessive lover of hair extensions. Just in-case you are a hair oil virgin I will briefly tell you what they do and why they are a compulsory part of my life. Hair oils are aimed to basically rejuvenate your hair and give it that added shine that it sometimes lacks. They also help to strengthen hair follicles, reduce hair breakage and keep frizziness at bay, which again, if you wear hair extensions you will know is quite a common occurrence, especially at the ends of your hair extensions! So to round that up, if you want hair that gleams shine, silkiness and softness using a hair oil will help you achieve this.

 Having tried a fair few hair oils, mostly higher end brands and prices - I wanted to try and find something a bit more budget-friendly, as splashing out £30 on Moroccan oil when your a penniless student is some what excessive - even if it is a miracle worker!

Schwarskopft's tame and shine styling oil consists of a bright yellow texture enriched with argan oil. It comes in a handy travel sized plastic bottle which makes it perfect for them girly weekends away when you don't want to lug a full-sized heavy glass bottle around with you *perfect*. The scent of the product is gorgeous and has that 'typical' holiday smell resemblance which is dwindled with a mixture of fruity, coconut type scents.
 The consistency of this oil is literally perfect. One peeve I often find with hair oils are that they will either be too light weight or too thick, causing me to either overload with product or apply one pump and my hair be a grease ball oily mess. The texture of this oil is spot on, not too watery but not too thick, somewhere in between. I apply about two pumps of this on damp hair from mid length downwards, applying slightly more to my ends. Once my hair is blow-dried, the results are crystal clear - not only can I run my hands through my hair without even a trace of a knot, my hair feels remarkably softer, silkier leaving my hair dazzling with shine.

My verdict? The quality of this product for the price is sheer amazing. If you are looking for a budget friendly hair oil to tame your frizz and boost your hair with shine then I highly recommend you give this a try!
Do you use hair oils? If so, what is your favourite hair oil?  

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AnnaBelle Jordan said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I mostly use hair oils on the ends of my hair because they tend to get dry and ugly. Lol. But on the other hand I just wanted to say that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!!! You can check out all the info and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

peace, vibe, soul // annabellaella ❤❤❤

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