MAC Cinderella collection - Hit or Miss?

Getting my hands on the Cinderella for MAC collection has taught me a couple of valuable things. Firstly quick hands are essential, automatically filled bank details are a necessity and the enter button on my laptop has never been HIT quick enough - Yes, it is that fast and it is that simple. Secondly, if you stand any chance of getting something - sit glued to your ipad refreshing your emails like there's no tomorrow, that MAC "it's here" email is your only golden ticket to get a look in - ten minutes later? GONE. That all said and done I really cannot quite believe how eagerly anticipated this collection from MAC has been. Normally I am not one to be avidly following the release of a Limited Edition MAC collection (unless something really has taken my fancy!) but for some reason ever since I set eyes on this idyllic baby blue and gold packaging I just knew it had to take prime position within my make-up draws.

I opted to purchase four things from the collection two lipsticks, a beauty powder and an irridescent powder - Yes I stupidly opted against the eyeshadow palette (what was I thinking it looks heavenly!) ...wait I was being sensible and knew I actually wouldn't use it (duh). Anyway here's a deeper look into what I picked up and my first thoughts on the collection...

Cinderella Beauty powder // Mystery Princess
" Gives the face a touch of radiance and glow from within" - MAC
MAC Cinderella collectionMAC Cinderella beauty powder
beauty powder MACmystery princess mac
Mystery princess is a great a multi-purpose highlighter. Described as a pinky beige with silver shimmer this product isn't overly pigmented but still makes a gorgeous everyday highlight.

Cinderella Iridescent powder // Coupe d'chic
"Imparts a shimmering sheen that will make you the belle of the ball" - MAC
mac cinderella iridescent powder
coupe d'chic 1
Coupe d'chic is definitely my favourite highlighter out of the two and is much more pigmented than mystery princess. Mac describe it as a light golden peach with solid shimmer.

Cinderella lipstick // Royal Ball - Lustre finish described as a "fleshy pink".
mac cinderella lipstick
royal ball

Cinderella Lipstick // Free as a butterfly - Lustre finish described as a "semisheer golden nude"
free as a butterfly lipstick cinderella mac lipstick free as a butterfly mac
Overall although this collection is absolutely gorgeous, I am slightly disappointed with the MAC cinderella collection - not because the products are bad (they aren't!) but just because I expected something a bit more wow and impressive? It has to be said that the lipsticks for one are in my least favourite finish by MAC " a lustre" finish in which definitely gives more of a sheer glossy look than an opaque full coverage colour. Having said this I do really like Royal Ball (a pinky tone) however, Free as a butterfly is way too sheer to wear alone and just not sure if I will use it. My favourite item from the collection is undoubtedly the coupe d'chic iridescent powder as it gives such a pretty highlighted glow and will definitely be a well used item within my make-up bag. Aside from a few niggles the sleek powder blue and gold packaging really is stunning and definitely sits nicely on your make-up vanity. The collection is currently sold out online but will be hitting stores on the 12th March.  

What are your thoughts on the MAC Cinderella collection?
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Eilidh said...

I'm not going to lie, the first thing that attracted me to this post was the gorgeous photography - you've really captured the product in a gorgeous light! I'm quite keen to try this, despite your disappointment with it. Super post though, I'm looking forward to your future posts :)

Laura Pearson-Smith said...

I think the packaging is really pretty. I had my eye on the pigments; but didn't buy them x
Laura | A Life With Frills

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