Spring cleaning your wardrobe

tidying your wardrobe

Today has been one of those days where I decided to take on the mammoth task of getting some slight organisation back into my wardrobe. I say slight because 1. I am in no way a neat freak where everything has to be just perfect (FYI I don't own matching hangers!) and 2. anything that's semi-structured opposed to being chucked in will look a whole better than my current wardrobe situation.

Tidying your wardrobe can be stressful to say the least, it always seems such a fun, enjoyable task prior but quickly turns into one of those grueling pulling your hair out chores mid-way in. Here are my number one top tips to make tidying your wardrobe that bit easier and bearable...

1. Make a cup of tea
wardrobe tidying
Before you do anything make a brew - believe me you will need it!!

2. Chuck everything out of your wardrobe so you can start with a blank canvas.
IMG_8197There's no beating around the bush when it comes to spring cleaning your wardrobe, if you want it done properly then you really need to start with nothing in it.

3. Split summer stuff/ winter stuff - The thought of actually doing this always depressed me as I thought it would make my wardrobe look bare but I am honestly so glad I did. Not only does it maximize your space, it allows you to see all the clothes you actually currently need and can wear everyday - I mean let's be honest who wears summer playsuits with sandals in the winter? No one ( I hope!)  so if it isn't clothing suitable for the current season whether it be winter or summer - store it away somewhere safe and out the way.

4. Now comes the organisation head
I personally like to order my wardrobe in sub-categories so for example - midi-skirts // shorter skirts // trousers // shorts // knitwear // going out dresses // casual dresses etc you get the picture. Once I've divided everything up into these categories I then like to place them in these categories in some sort of  colour order so dark to light. You don't have to do this part but personally there's nothing more pleasing than seeing a semi-structured colour co-ordinated wardrobe.

5. Now to the more challenging part - what stays and what goes. Firstly, ask your self this question - when was the last time I wore this and will I wear it again? Normally I say if it isn't something I have worn in the last six months and can't see myself wearing again - put it in a pile aside from your wardrobe. Be strict and don't keep things for the sake of it!

6.  Make piles - Another useful tip is make organised piles - mine usually consist of -  washing // bin // H and M // Depop.

If you do end up with a bunch of clothes that you have decided you will no longer wear sort through and decide what is actually sellable. Be realistic about this though and only sell items that are actually worth selling. The rest of the items can simply be recycled, taken to a charity shop or H and M. If you don't know what I mean when I say H and M i'll quickly fill you in - H and M do a recycling scheme where for each bag of clothes you recycle you receive a £5 voucher. You have to spend a minimum of £30 to use the voucher but it still makes a nice reward for your unwanted clothes.


Hope this has gave you some pointers in organising your wardrobe!
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