LW self tan bronzing lotion

LW self tan bronzing lotion - £16.95 - Superdrug - Link here! 

Yes I am blogging about another fake tan *hides face *. Lauren's Way tan has been something I have been telling myself no to for a while now. Call me old fashioned but there's something about celebrity branded products that really get my guard up. *Another celebrity in need of some cash, sticks face/name on products, sucks in their entire fan base and sells product in a bid to make some extra pennies*. Yep, that's my philosophy right there, a narrow minded one maybe but for me I just always feel like that's the case. There's so many of them doing it that you can't help but think if they actually take the product seriously, have a deep involvement and genuinely create something amazing or are just in it for the cash. However, my curiosity got the better of me in Superdrug before Christmas and I went ahead and did it. I purchased a tan from the LW range - in which if you don't know is by Lauren Goodger from the reality show The Only Way is Essex. I must say that although I am not a massive Lauren Goodger fan there is no denying the amount of great feedback this tan has received and so I was super intrigued to see what all the bravdo was about.

I opted for the lotion formula in which comes in a gorgeous white pump bottle with a pink ombre effect sticker wrapped around it. The packaging for me is really spot on. It's attractive and girly without looking tacky. Dare I go as far as saying it actually looks quite a professional product and the font choice alongside the gold reflective decoration really reflects a more luxury branded tan. So far so good...

After doing my usual pre-tan preps (exfoliating/moisturising) I gave myself a good application of LW tan. One thing in which was immediately apparent when applying this tan was how smooth and moisturising it felt on my skin, it glided on with ease and rubbed in like a dream leaving an all over even application. It also dries and sinks into your skin super quick and doesn't leave you feeling ridiculously sticky like other tans do. A slight let down for me though is the scent of this product, fake tans are known for not having the most pleasant aromas and you will be glad to know this definitely doesn't have your usual "biscuit" enriched smell which I guess is a slight relief. However, I can't really put my finger on what the actual scent of this product is suppose to resemble - personally, it reminds me of a sort of fruit cake mixture, quite an odd comparison but I really can't describe it any other way. I always apply my tan before bed so it has a good 6-7 hours to develop.
                                         ^^ This is the tan applied to one leg straight after application.

When I woke up in the morning there was no doubt I looked like I had been holidaying in the Caribbean for two weeks and to say I looked brown was an understatement. The colour isn't orange (always a bonus!) and definitely sways more towards a bronzed olive skin colour.  I showered it off  and although I did notice a lot of colour wash off, I did surprisingly like the colour I was left with - a natural olive tan. The tan stays on my skin for about three days until I need to go through the whole tanning process again which is about on par with all my other self tans.

On the whole I am very impressed with the "LW tan". I really didn't want myself to like this product as I have never been a fan of celebrity ranges but I can't help but speak only positive things about this tan since using it. At £16.95 it isn't the cheapest of tans on the market but I'd definitely say it's well worth it if you are looking for a tan to guarantee you a gorgeous sun-kissed colour and a streak free application. I particularly like the fact that it's not a drying tan as I do sometimes suffer with dry skin and there's nothing worse than having a tan that clings to your dry patches. Would I re-purchase? Without a doubt yes.

Have you tried LW tan? What are your thoughts? 
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