7 days, 7 lipsticks

    From L to R - All MAC - Creme cup // Angel // Brave // Mehr // Honeylove // Velvet Teddy // shade 3 by Collection.  

MAC // Creme cup // £15.50
Creme cup is one of those lipsticks that I have had in my collection for many years now, it just never outgrows. It's a classic light pink shade similar to angel however contains a slight blue undertone. The creamy formula of this lipstick makes it a worthy everyday handbag lipstick. 

MAC // Angel // £15.50 
You know that lipstick you have to re-purchase time and time again? Well this is that for me. Angel is a soft pink nude perfect for both day and night. Unlike a lot of nudes that tend to me matte, angel has a frost finish which gives that added shine to your lips which I personally find to be so flattering. For a day time look team this lipstick with MACs boldly bare lip pencil and to take it a bit more bolder for the night I recommend MAC's Soar lip liner.  

MAC // Brave // £15.50 
Getting darker in the scale of nude pinks we have Brave. Brave for me is that ultimate beige pink, it is a satin finish so is very opaque but does contain some moisture. Again  I like to use this lipstick with "Soar" lipliner to give that slightly darker lipliner look. 

MAC //  Mehr // £15.50
Similar to Brave is Mehr, I wanted to feature this shade as although it is similar in terms of being a very deep beige pink, it is slightly darker so if you want that dark nudey pink lip this one will be perfect for you! In addition it is a matte finish meaning full coverage and very Kylie Jenner. 

MAC // Honeylove // £15.50
Honeylove is the lightest shade out of the seven but definitely worth a mention due to the fact is such a wearable shade. Admittedly I do normally steer well clear of lighter nude shades as I dread having a repeat of the disastrous high school "foundation lip" - yes you know what I am talking about! But do not worry this is nothing like that - Honeylove is a stunning light beige that contains a slight rose tinge. To wear this, I love filling my lips in with a darker lipliner such as soar and then putting a little of this in the center - it really does add dimension and gives you that fuller lip-look. 

MAC // Velvet teddy // £15.50 
If you have been on the scout to re-create that Kylie Jenner lip then you will most definitely have come across this lipstick at some point. Sold out in most MAC stores this is said to be KJ's go to lipstick. Velvet Teddy is a very deep toned matte beige, I usually team this with MAC's whirl lipliner which gives a very classy bold lip look. It a very matte shade which although I do love the overall finish it gives, it does tend to make my lips go quite dry but just pop a bit of lip balm on before using this shade and problem solved!

Collection // Charleston shade 3 // £3.99 
So as this post yet again has centered around everything MAC (whoops) I thought I would chuck one of my go to drugstore favourite nudes in by the brand Collection. This shade is such a find as not only does it very closely resemble MACs Velvet Teddy it is also at a snippet of the price at only £3.99! The finish of this lipstick is definitely more glossy but I actually really like this because as I have mentioned I do suffer from really dry lips (especially in these winter months!). The glossyness surprisingly does not effect the opaqueness of the colour at all and provides such a rich beige colour. A definite affordable must have in your lipstick collection!  

I some how forgot to take a picture of my lip liners separately (bad blogger!) however here are some swatches of three of my favourites. From top to bottom - Soar // Whirl // Spice - All MAC. 

MAC // Soar // £12.60 
Soar is without a doubt my ultimate favourite lip liner ever to exist. Words actually cannot describe how much love I have for this lipliner but to keep it short and simple the colour is a perfect pink/brown and if you haven't already got it, GET IT. Word on the street is that this lip liner has fast become extremely hard to get hold off with all the Kylie Jenner hype - I best start stocking up now! 

MAC // Whirl // £12.60 
Whirl is described as a "dirty rose" on MAC's website which to translate for you is essentially a muted brown/dark pink/purple - there really is not one colour to describe this lipliner but again it is a really gorgeous shade and most people like to team it with MACs Velvet Teddy.

MAC // Spice // £12.60 
This was my first ever MAC lip liner so this has a very special place in my collection. Living up to it's name this colour is a very spicy brown/beige and I just love the versatility of this liner. For a day-to-day look I simply wear this all over the lip with a touch of lip balm and I am good to go. A very classic nude pencil - another must-have

I hope this post may have been some help to you - I'd love to hear you favourite nude lip colours - leave your comments below! 

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