Soap and Glory // Smoulder Khol eyeliner

Soap and Glory // Smoulder Kohl // £5.00 // Boots - Link here! 

When it comes to black eyeliners there's only one that reaches the lining of my make-up bag nowadays and that's Soap and Glory's Smoulder Khol. I have always loved a good application of bottom liner; for one it makes me look awake (no caffeine needed) and secondly it transforms me from a make-up-less ten year old to my actual twenty something self. My continual problem with eyeliners though has always been a) finding one that stays on (not disappearing into thin air after an hour!), b) staying on my eyes and not my face (insert black eyeliner bags here) and c) one that glides on and requires minimal effort to make it appear blacker than black. Luckily for me, I can most certainly say that the search is now over and never again will I feel the need to try another brand. 

Soap and Glory's Khol eyeliner is a thick and creamy jet black waterproof eyeliner, one application of this and you are good to go and unlike other eyeliners this requires no force and constant need to go over your bottom lash line until it appears black - the visibility of how black this eyeliner is will be apparent straight away. It is perfect for creating that smokey eye and when smudged to your desired look does not budge or transfer to anywhere unwanted. The staying power of this liner is phenomenal, it just doesn't budge - and for a side note it literally took some serious scrubbing to get this eyeliner off my hand for the swatch purpose of this post. The sharpener attached to the lid of this pencil is also a create touch, I am constantly misplacing mine so it makes a great added extra.

If you are looking for that true black eyeliner, look no further. For £5 it really is a bargain necessity that you simply need in your make-up bag.
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