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Honeymania bubble bath melt | 300ml | £8 | The Body shop - Link here! 

Admittedly, bath products are not something I obscenely obsess about on a regular basis. I mean a bubble bath is a bubble bath right? And providing it's a good smelling scent and something that produces a satisfying amount of bubbles, to me a bubble bath doesn't really go any deeper than that. That being until I stumbled across The Bodyshop's Honeymania bath melt and bath times have ever since reached a whole new level of excitement within my day.

I must say that if it hadn't have been for the fact that this product was something I was initially given by a friend, a honey scented product wouldn't have been the first thing I would have reached for or even contemplated of buying in all honesty. However, boy am I glad I did happen to come across this gem of an aroma that bodyshop have stashed among there collections because believe me it is simply divine, possibly even my favourite scent among all there body care range (yes it is that amazing!).

Honeymania has a sweet floral honey scent and as soon as you open the lid of this product you are engulfed with such a pleasant and delicious smell. A little goes a very long way with this product and you only need a little scoop to create a gorgeous bubbly bath. My only peeve is that there is nothing to scoop the contents out with which can prove a bit messy. This product definitely makes getting out of the bath difficult - it smells too good and is super relaxing! What I love the most is that unlike some bubble baths, this scent actually keeps it scent whilst bathing and lingers on your skin for a while after. It also produces a more than adequate amount of bubbles which is always a winner (who doesn't love bubbles?).

If you are planning one of those relaxing nights in, you know... a glass of wine, maybe a bottle? a face mask, a box of chocolates, candles and a soak in the bath then please be sure to add this to that list of pamper necessities as I assure you bath time is not quite the same without this treat of a product.

It is fair to say my bath time has now become a somewhat luxurious pleasure every night. At £8 for 300ml it isn't the cheapest considering it is only a bath product, however I couldn't imagine using anything other than this now and I love the scent that much that I will most certainly be purchasing the entire contents of the range.

What other bodyshop goodies do you recommend I try? 
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