MAC || Cream colour base in 'Shell'

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Mac Cream colour base in 'shell' || £15.00 || Link here!

Highlighting is something I've yet to really talk about on my blog, so I thought it was about time I gave you the lowdown and introduced you to my wholly grail everyday highlighter - "shell" a cream colour base by MAC.

Now, I know not everybody uses highlighters, so let me briefly explain what the aim of the game is and why I adore them so much. Highlighters are one of those products that has the capability of changing your make-up look in an instant flash (yes, really!). The aim is simple - your skin to beam a gorgeous radiant glow, which if applied correctly looks simply stunning and very flattering, however, if you are resembling a shiny, glittery mess then you might want to re-evaluate the product you are using and how you are applying it! Finally application wise I mainly use it on the highest point of my cheekbone and underneath my eyebrow (on the brow bone) - occasionally I will dab a bit in my cupid's bow and a little on the bridge of my nose.

So onto the product, if you have never come across mac's cream colour bases then I seriously recommend you having a gander as they are such a versatile and easy to use product (not to mention they will last you a fair old while!). I apply the product by using my fingers, as I find it gives me the best coverage. I then like to take my real techniques sponge to lightly dab around it so that it blends in and doesn't look un-natural. Shell is described as a 'soft pink-beige with shimmer' which is pretty spot on. It's quite a natural shade and is perfect for day-to-day use as it provides such a subtle sheen to my skin that makes me look healthy and glowing. Overall, for the £15 price tag, I highly recommend this product, it is a staple in my make-up bag and again it's one of those product that I use everday but lasts me a life time (quite an exaggeration!) but it does last me a fair few months to say the least. Can you believe I am already eyeing up the next shades to purchase *slap on the wrist* (cough, I should be saving, dam you mac!).

Have you ever tried Mac's cream colour bases? What are your favorite shades?
P.S apologies for the bad picture quality, I am thinking of investing in some lighting soon as the UK is so dark and dim at the moment that I am never home when it is light (well when it rarely is light!)

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Harriet Rachel said...

Cream colour bases are my favourite mac product! I love shell for everyday wear too:) you need to try pearl,you'll love it! It's so gorgeous xxx

Laura Gemma said...

Eee I know obsessed with it now!! Ah is it!? I want to try some more so shall defo pick that one up on payday then ;) hope your ok anyway hun, loving your new hair xxx

Harriet Rachel said...

It's amazing, really good for dramatic nights out kind of highlighting!hehe! You too lovely, awh thank you! Xxx

Golden Glow said...

This looks like a lovely product, I love your nails as well! x

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