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L'oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara || £8.99 || Superdrug || Link here! 

Mascara is without a doubt one of my ultimate make-up essentials, simply because it's just one of those products that changes how you look within a flash, transforming tired eyes to awake eyes, need I say more... Over the year's I have tried and tested endless amounts of different branded mascaras in a bid to give my lashes that full falsie effect but I can honestly vouch that no brand has ever compared to L'oreal's standards - don't get me wrong there are some that have come pretty close, but just not enough to sway me to re-purchase them!

I tend to swap and change my mascara all the time as I honestly find the majority of L'oreals mascaras amazing and I love the different looks they give. If you are looking for a full volume type effect then I highly recommend L'oreal voluminous - this has been a staple in my make-up bag for many years now and I love it a little more every time I use it - rumor has it that it's also a favourite of Kim Kardashians....

I don't know about you but I never like a mascara on the first use or even the first week for that matter, ever. I just find them all to do nothing for my lashes accept water them down, however, leave the top off and fast forward a week and I'm absolutely in love - I've come to the conclusion that the mascara needs to dry out a bit so the product is thicker and less watery. (Is this just me that finds this?!) This mascara was no exception to this and so I left it to dry until I tried it again. Brush wise, I wasn't particularly blown away, it's just your average sturdy bristle with a super bendy end to help coat all those hard-to-reach places but apart from that it's not nothing to shout about.

After one coat of Miss Manga, it's fair to say it gives my lashes a fair bit of extended length and volume, I then apply a second coat about 60 seconds later and if you look at the pictures above it's apparent that my lashes are now darker, thicker and longer. If like me you like to apply your mascara sparingly with endless coats then be warned with this one - as anything more than two coats leaves your eyes a clumped up spidery mess - not a good look!

Overall, I have really enjoyed using this mascara and I do think it does more than most mascaras in terms of both length and volume, I particularly love how long and thick it makes my bottom lashes look! Would I re-purchase? Purely for the fact that I have tried better mascaras from L'oreal I am not too sure if I would re-purchase. The 'mega volume' side did really disappoint me with this product as although it did provide my lashes with a little volume, it didn't give that full look I quite imagined, and tended to clump quite easily. I also found the brush didn't separate my lashes as well as others do, and so this was another factor that added to the clumpy-ness .

What do you think of the L'oreal Miss Manga mascara? Also, I'd love to hear what your favourite mascara is?

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The Finest Things said...

This mascara looks so so good, think I may have to try this! x

Laura Gemma said...

Yesss defo give it a try babe, does wonders!! xx

Golden Glow said...

LOVE this mascara, I totally agree about it needing to dry out a little - then it's amazing, dramatic lashes! x

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