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Hello ladies! Today I thought I would talk to you about another product that seizes a firm spot in my make-up bag - Mac's strobe liquid/cream.

Ever since MAC enclosed a cheeky sample sized version of the strobe cream in an online order, I instantly fell in love, wondered how on earth I hadn't came across this beauty before and immediately had to dash out to my local MAC counter to purchase the full size version (dam you MAC and your clever marketing strategies!).

So in case you don't already know what these products are all about; Strobe cream and Strobe liquid are illuminating bases which help give dull skin that bright radiant glow that dazzles in every light apparent. Applied to make-up free skin, they provide a gorgeous glowing sheen and will make even the dullest darkest of skin appear bright and luminous, (yes, I couldn't believe it either - your skin really can look good without foundation!). They are super versatile multi-purpose products; and can be applied as a base underneath your foundation, mixed in with your foundation, applied on top of your foundation as a highlighter or added to your daily body mousturizer for an added glow. Personally, I like to use this product mixed in with my MAC studio fix fluid foundation, as I tend to find the foundation too dry and matte looking on it's own (this is primarily due to it being aimed for oily skin in which I don't have!) however, adding a few pumps of strobe liquid makes such a difference and gives me my desired finish of a gorgeous dewy glow.

So you may be looking at the swatches above and be wondering what exactly the differences are between these two products as they virtually look identical! So now I shall explain -

Strobe cream comes in a tube and is essentially a moisturizer as it has a thick consistency and is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins that are essential for the skin. Application wise, I find this product best applied before foundation.

Strobe liquid comes in a pump dispenser (which I prefer), it is a lighter-weight version of the strobe cream, with more of a runny watery consistency. This product is more of an illuminiser than a moisturizer and absorbs much better than the cream. I personally find it more shiny and pigmented in comparison to the cream and for this reason I prefer it.

Overall I love both of these products for different reasons, however, when it comes to re-purchasing I always go for the strobe liquid, simply because its runnier consistency works better when mixing with my foundation. I hope this has helped you understand the differences! I really want to try the golden elixir version, it has a slight bronze tint to it giving a golden glow and looks amazing, however, it was limited edition so is now unavailable*sobs*.

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Have you tried strobe cream or strobe liquid? Which one is your favourite?

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Harriet Rachel said...

I love strobe cream! The liquid sounds a lot better so I must get it and try it out as it seems we have the same make-up taste! hehe!I wanted that golden version of it as well but it sold out so quickly.. I pray it is re-released this summer for us :) xxx

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