What is in my 'everyday' make-up bag?

Make-up bags never fail to fascinate me, simply because everybody's is unique, tailored to individual tastes and holds items you've probably never even thought about trying. I love to have a good old mooch and nosey through my friends make-up when given the chance, so today I thought I would invite you to have a sneak peek inside my 'everyday' make-up bag. I am not one for going all out on my everyday make-up if I am honest, purely because I like to look that little bit different when I get dolled up for a night out, also there is the issue of time constraints (I like my bed!). For me, it is mainly about a full coverage foundation, a sun-kissed bronzed glow, highlighted cheek bones, layers of mascara (hell yes), maybe a bit of liner on the bottom waterline and either a nude lip or a red lip. Ok, I know that may still sound a lot to most people*rolls eyes*, but hey I didn't even include eye shadow or lashes!
Mac Studio Fix fluid (shade NC40) 
This is my main everyday 'go to' foundation and I have used this product for absolute years now! It's a very full coverage, thick and long-lasting foundation. It's aimed more for oily skin so gives quite a matte finish, therefore, I like to mix this in with the strobe liquid as I prefer more of a dewy glow.

Fit me! by Maybelline (shade 120)
 This foundation is for the days where I haven't tanned and need a lighter coloured foundation. I never normally tend to purchase drugstore foundations nowadays, as I have had so many disasters with them in the past (patchy, not a large colour range, slide of your face etc!) but this one is one of the better lower end, cheap foundations! It's a medium coverage and gives a gorgeous glow.

Nars sheer glow (shade barcelona)
 This is possibly, almost certainly my favourite foundation ever and if it wasn't for the hefty £30.50 price tag and the ridiculous amount I layer on, then this would be my everyday foundation. But as it is such a splurge, I tend to keep this strictly for evening use only. Here's a review for a more in-depth natter - link here!

Mac Strobe liquid
I won't ramble too much about this as I have a review here, but this product is essentially an illuminating base that I mix with my foundation to give my skin that dewy glow.

Collection 2000 illuminating touch concealer (shade 02)
This illuminating concealer is one of my wholly grail budget make-up staples, I apply this mostly under my eyebrows (to define them), under my eyes and down my nose. It gives a gorgeous luminous glow and has a good coverage and staying power.

Maybelline cover stick (shade 01)
This concealer is a great product for when I have break-outs, it has a super thick creamy consistency, a matte finish and is a life safer for covering spots! I don't tend to apply it using the stick though, as it tends to drag a bit, so instead I like to use my fingers to blend it in. 

Face - Part 2
Rimmel Stay matte pressed powder - Transparent 
This is a great budget powder to set your foundation or get rid of any unwanted shiny areas. It has a good staying power, applies smooth and all importantly keeps my foundation in place all day.

Mac Skinfinish natural - Give me sun!
Bronzer is one of my wholly grail make-up items, I just love how healthy and glowing it makes you look. This one in particular has been a firm favourite of mine for many years now - it's very much for medium/darker skin tones though so if like me you support an all year tan, this is for you.

Mac Skinfinish - Gold deposit 
Again, this is another product that helps me to achieve that bronzed glow. I like to apply this over my bronzer across the top of my cheekbones to give a gorgeous highlighted sheen to my skin. Be careful not to apply too much on your brush, a little goes a very long way with this product as it is extremely pigmented, so be-aware! 

Mac cream colour base - shell
I use this product to highlight my brow bone, top of my cheekbones and occasionally on the bridge of my nose. I love this highlighter so much, it gives such a gorgeous glow to my skin and is perfect for an everyday look. Check out my full review of this product here. 

L'oreal Telescopic mascara 
I love L'oreal mascara's, I haven't started on this one yet as I keep a couple of back ups in my make-up bag in-case I run out (paranoia) but this is an all time favourite of mine to say the least.

L'oreal mega volume collagen mascara 
Again, another back up mascara for when my current one runs out, I use a ton of mascara and when boots/superdrug have their buy one get half price offers on, I like to make use of that and stock up! I haven't tried this particular l'oreal one before actually, one a tad similar but it didn't have the collagen aspect, so I shall look forward to seeing what this is like!

Rimmel eye brow pencil - Hazel/Dark brown
These brow pencils are another item in my make-up bag that have had a firm place for many years now. Pencils can be lethal to girls who don't really know what they are doing, as they tend to have a heavy hand and just draw lines for their brows *shakes head*. I mainly use the dark brown one, I start half way in to my brow and draw the lower line of the brow first (don't apply too much pressure), I then draw the top line of my brow to meet with the lower line, I then grab a brown shadow and shade in my brows, I also do a bit of lightly shading with the pencil too. I then take the hazel colour to lightly shade at the beginning of the brow - I like a more gradient affect with my brows. 

L'oreal mega volume miss manga mascara 
This is my current 'go to' mascara - I won't ramble too much as I have a full review which you can check out here, but I do really like this mascara, it has a tendency to clump if too many layers are applied but overall if applied properly it does a grand job of giving me big thick and long falsie looking eyelashes.  

Soap and Glory smoulder kohl waterproof eyeliner in superblack
I don't always tend to use eyeliners but when I do I can always trust this soap and glory number to do me proud. For a drugstore purchase, it is literally amazing and in my opinion on par with higher end brands. The texture is creamy and soft, has very good pigmentation and unlike some eyeliners that claim to be black but yet hardly show up - this really is a true black and stays on my waterline for hours! (unlike some that disappear after not even an hour!) It also comes with a handy sharpener on top that is actually such good quality too! Ok, enough of the rambling review, just go buy it and see for yourself (you won't be disappointed!!)

Rimmel lipstick - Nude delight
This lipstick is one of my favourite drugstore nude's, it reminds me a lot of 'shygirl' by MAC. It has a creamy texture, very pigmented and very moisturizing - a great everyday wear. 

Mac Lipsticks - Russian red and Rebel
Russian red and rebel are two of my statement lip colours at the moment - colour wise, russian red is a deep red with a matte finish and rebel is a purple plum sort of colour - both classics that are absolute musts! 

Mac Lip pencils - Spice, cherry, currant and beet. 
Lip pencils are my absolute life saviors, as someone who doesn't really posses the biggest thickets lips, lining them is absolutely essential as it helps gives the illusion of even thicker lips. These four colours are my most used, spice is perfect for a nude lip - cherry I like to use alongside Russian red and currant/beet I like to use alongside rebel. 

Lush's Santa's lip scrub
If like me you often suffer from flaky dry lips, this is an essential product to use before you apply your lippy - it removes all the dead skin and really preps your lips so they are smooth, soft and even.

Brushes and random bits 

Eco tools blush brush 
This is just a standard fluffy brush, I like to use this for my powder. 

Real techniques duo-fiber contour brush 
I absolutely love this range of brushes from real-techniques, this contour brush is so good for a precise sharp contour.

Real techniques duo-fiber face brush
This is one of my favourite brushes ever. I like using this brush when I am doing a heavily contoured look, so that I can blend all the products in. 

Eco tools brow tool
This is just an essential tool to brush my brows and keep the hairs in place.

Gosh Brow kit 
This brow kit is super handy, it comes with 3 different brow shades ranging from light to dark. They are all super pigmented with a matte finish and it also has a brow gel to set your brows in place if need be. There is a handy compact mirror inside too, which is great when you are on the go!

Maybelline Fit me! Anti-shine stick
This is a great product for touching up your foundation if need's be. It is essentially a foundation in a stick - its super handy and gives a great coverage. 

I also use my real techniques sponge to apply my foundation on a daily basis but forgot to include this for some reason! Hope you liked this post - remember to follow me on twitter @misslauragemma and instagram 'lauragemma'. Also if you have done one of these posts be sure to leave your link down below so I can have a nosey!

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