Trend || Pretty in pink

1. Light pink boucle oversized coat || River Island || £90.00
2. Pale Pink & Nude Suede Oversized Dress || Lavish Alice || £44.00
3. Mircia PVC Midi Skirt In Baby Pink || Missguided || £19.99
4. Sweetest Thing Pink Fluffy Jumper Dress || Oh My Love || £45.00
5. Tazia Seam Cigarette Trousers In Dusky Pink || Missguided || £21.99
6. Wrap Lux skirt || Topshop || £42.00
7. Momoko Boxy Blouse In Dusky Pink || Missguided || £14.99

As a stereotypical self confessed girly girl, pink is of course one my all time favourite colours. Wearing it however isn't something that I admittedly do too much of. Not because it doesn't suit me, just because it isn't a colour that would straight away draw my attention in the shops, I tend to sway more towards the 'safe' colours, hello monochrome trend. This season has made me think deeper about colour though, as after a close inspection through my wardrobe, black, white and grey seemed to be the most common occurrence (opps!). Don't get me wrong, I do have other colours apart from them but I think we all tend to stick to what we know and feel best in sometimes. This dusky baby pink colour trend though has really grown on me this season and I am itching to make a few more pink purchases. The PVC skirt in particular from Missguided is one of my firm favourite pieces this season, combining two of my favourite trends! Let's be honest, a snippet of colour is always needed to inject some brightness into our outfits now and again - so think pink!

What do you think of this seasons pink trend?


Amy Barden said...

hello :) just want to say that I've nominated you for a Leibster award!

Love the blog xx

Laura Heggs said...

Ow Laus. I love this colour, don't have the confidence to wear it though. Just to let you know they have that coat for just £40 near new look outside. And i want the topshop wrap skirt <3<3

chanelle jade. said...

absolutely love all of these! especially the coat and pvc skirt <3 x x

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