Toni & Guy || Heat protection & Volume Plumping whip

Toni & Guy heat protection mist 150ml £6.39 // Toni & Guy volume plumping whip 90ml £7.19
Big bouncy silky smooth hair is every girls dream. As an avid hair extension lover and someone who is continually changing their hair colour, hair care is an absolute fundamental factor in my routine. Like most girls, I am continually on a mission to find those 'shamazing' hair products that work miracles on your hair and transform it into something spectacular. On a recent trip to boots to stock up on monthly toiletry essentials, I ended up getting side-tracked by their current 3 for 2 offer across all beauty, hair and cosmetics and got sucked into buying everything that I didn't need! (opps!)
Toni and Guy aren't a brand that I usually tend to sway towards simply because they are at the higher end of the drugstore pricing and being a student means that the pennies aren't fast flowing, so I usually have to stick with cheaper alternatives. As boots currently have the 3 for 2 offer on I decided to have a splurge and treat myself (why not!).
Toni & Guy heat protection mist 150ml £6.39 - I have been after a new heat protectant for a while now as I noticed my hair was getting slightly dry and damaged due the daily amount of heat I use on my hair. This product aims to 'protect hair against damage and breakage caused from heat styling and condition hair for a softer, smoother finish'. *Just what I need* Packaging wise, it's really smart and sleek - however it lacks instructions on  how to get the spray to work, which I thought it needed as I did spend a good 15 minutes prior trying to figure out why it wouldn't spray, I even thought it was faulty but little did I know it does not dispense the mist until you switch the infuse button on (durrr). I sprayed this sparingly onto towel dried hair and brushed it through to ensure that all my hair was coated with product. I then blow-dried my hair, sprayed some more heat protection and then straightened my hair. My hair instantly felt softer, smoother and reflected a gorgeous shine. I loved the fact it was a mist as oppose to a spray as it means it doesn't overly coat your hair in product. Overall I am really enjoying using this product at the moment, my split ends are minimal and it makes my hair look smooth and silky as well as feeling soft.
Toni & Guy volume plumping whip 90ml £7.19 - I am an absolute sucker for gorgeous girly packaging and this box stood out at me straight away when glancing over the Toni and Guy section. A big blow dry is a standard procedure when drying my hair, so anything that can help maximise this and make my hair appear even more volumised, thick and bouncy is always going to be a winner. Using a walnut sized amount, (I would suggest a pea size if you have short/shoulder-length hair) I work this through the roots of towel-dried hair. Then using a big barrelled blow dry brush, I blow dry my hair in sections. Once dried, I  couldn't actually believe how much more body and volume my hair had; I had previous reservations that this product would make my hair greasy due to it being a cream formula but there was no signs of greasiness what so ever, which was a big thumbs up for me. Smell wise I can't put my finger on what it smells like other than describing it as a 'typical' hair salon product type smell (oh so vague) but you know what I'm talking about! This has been an absolute hair gem at the moment and if you have flat hair that lacks some volume and body I would definitely recommend that you give this beauty a whirl!
Have you tried these products? What do you think? Let me know any other alternatives that you find to do hair wonders!

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