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When it comes to perfumes I have those few that are my all time favourites, the classics you could call them and straying from them it quite honestly a rarity. I mean why risk and try something new when you know what you have is already good? 

Describing my "typical" scent would be that girly floral sweet aroma but yet not overly sweet and candy like... something in the middle that still has that bit of sophistication. One of my go to's for a while now has been viktorolf flower bomb - an absolute staple which forever see's me recieving compliments on the daily. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be sent a bottle of "La vie est belle" by Lancome via Fragrance Direct and immediately after spraying this I couldn't help but compare back to my ultimate fav, flowerbomb (a winner instantly!). La vie est belle has that gorgeous girly floral sweetness to it but yet not quite at sweet as flowerbomb which I actually really like. Instead it has that slight musk aroma to it which adds to the elegance and freshness of this fragrance. 

This scent is a real winner for longevity in which is an absolute must for me! There's nothing worse than a fragrance that's worn off by the time you've got to work but this is definitely one of those that you are forever catching whiff's off. Another thing to note is the simplistic but chic packaging, a bottle that will be sure to sit beautifully on your vanity. All in all la vie est belle is a beautiful easy to wear scent. Is has that real freshness which I can imagine makes it a very popular choice for many (including myself!). 

What are your favourite scents? I'd love to know! 

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