Reflecting on 2015 and looking ahead at 2016

Happy New Year everyone! I can't believe how quick 2015 has gone it only feel like yesterday I was writing my 2014 resolutions! 2015 was an overall amazing year for me, of course there's always up's and down's but thankfully there has definitely been more up's.

 In 2015 I finally said goodbye to working in retail and landing a job in my dream field of work, fashion. I now work as a marketing/PR/social media manager for a new upcoming clothing website which is very exciting and I feel so lucky to have landed this role despite going to university to be a primary teacher! I had two amazing holidays in 2015; marbella + ibiza, a couple of amazing nights out with my friends/boyfriend in other parts of England. I had disastrous lip fillers which was a major mistake however, one good thing that I did gain from this was coming across Dr Esho. This guy is the king of lip fillers, I've only just managed to book in due to work comitmments - Im scheduled for Feb and I absolutely can't wait to get my lumps/bumps removed and have lovely lips left! He also helped me get my bad lip filler story told to thousands of other girls in hope of them not making the mistake I did. I appeared in the times newspaper, made an appearance on Good morning Britain (which was an amazing experience!) and also had articles published on the daily mail online and the express. I have also got back into filming videos for my Youtube channel in 2015 and now make regular videos that are up every Sunday!

So whats in store for 2016? To be honest I don't plan to set "resolutions" as such for this year, I like to see them more as aims/goals so here they are:

- Be consistent in uploading youtube videos // atleast one video every sunday!
- Improve my youtube videos - lighting/camera quality. 
- Start saving money - every year I fail at this!
- Get back into a routine of working out/eating healthy but keeping it realistic around my routine!
- Enjoy life, live it to the full and have no regrets - its too short!

What are your aims for 2016? Link your post below if you have done one similar.

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