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Having experienced my fair share of bad beauty and hair treatments I have always been so hesitant about getting my brows done. This is possibly down to the fact they have took me so bloody long to grow since I decided to jump on the "over pluck" bandwagon in the 90's!

The other week I was approached by the lovely Becca Rice who works at Taylor & Co hair in Loughborough asking if I would like to have a HD brow treatment. I must admit I have been dying to get HD brows for so long after seeing how much brow game one of my friends suddenly began to have after having this treatment, however, I never took the plunge and made do with the 15 grueling minutes of drawing them on in the morning...  After having a nosey through Becca's portfolio I was pretty confident that I would definitely be in safe hands and wouldn't leave the salon with a repeat of my 1999 mcdonald brow - her work is literally amazing! And so I slung aside the tweezers for a few weeks and made the booking to start my HD brow transformation...

From the moment I entered the salon I was greeted with such a warm, friendly reception. Salons can sometimes be the most daunting places, I often walk in so many and can instantly feel such a bad atmosphere within the staff which then transfers on to you. This, however, was such a pleasant change and I was instantly made to feel welcome and at ease.

Becca's professionalism was second to none and as soon as I was in the chair she went through a full consultation - going in depth about what the treatment involves, asking me how I would like my brows, how dark etc. It was so refreshing to have someone cover all aspects of what I was having done and actually ask me what sort of look I wanted as appose to just jumping in and doing what they think!

Becca then went over what HD brow is and what actually makes it so special compared to just a wax and tint. She explained that HD brow is a 7 step treatment that combines a number of methods and techniques to give you high definition brows suited to your face shape. Here are the techniques involved:

1) Consultation - this will be a quick chat with your beautician just to go over what the procedure involves, what brow shape would be best and what colour you would like. You will also fill in a quick form and be asked if your patch test was ok!

2) Tinting - If like me you have very fair and thin coloured brows naturally this step will be by far the most life changing for you! Again your beautician will discuss colour options with you to suit your personal taste.

3) Waxing - After your brows are freshly dyed, your beautician will then apply wax under your brows to remove odd hairs and create the arch. I found this whole process so pain-free, it honestly doesn't hurt at all!

4) Trimming - Your brows are them combed through and trimmed with scissors to make sure they are all the same length. This step really does make such a different and is why HD brows really is such a unique treatment.

5) Threading - Now this is something I have never actually had done but to be honest I wasn't worried as I figured if waxing was a breeze surely this must be... and I was right it really doesn't hurt. Your beautician will ask you to place your hand on your eye and pull the skin taut so it makes it nice and easy to thread.  

6) Tweezing - Again if you can hack waxing and threading this part will be a breeze.

7) Aftercare - Once my brows were finished, Becca then took a HD brow pencil to fill in my brows where they needed a bit more of a boost! After she did the one brow, she then grabbed me a mirror so she could show me how she penciled them in. She also talked me through my brows, told me what she ideally wanted to do going forward and also told me the patches that needed to grow. This was such a good touch to this whole treatment as it was nice to see firstly how someone else draws your brows on and secondly to know how to go forward in growing and maintaining them! I was then handed an aftercare sheet with recommended HD products on to suit me and my brows.



What a difference hey? HD brows is definitely one of those treatments that until you've had it done you don't realise what your missing out on and boy you are missing out big time!! I literally don't know how I coped with my poor unruly brows for so long but one thing that is for certain is that there is definitely no going back to the DIY tweezers for me now! I've even booked my best friend in to let her in on this amazing treatment and transform her brows forever....

Anyway enough of my ramblings but I am literally so over the moon I just wanted to share with you everything I could. If you do live locally to me then Becca is located in loughborough at Taylor and Co hair. I'll leave all her links down below >>  

Instagram // becca_xoxx Facebook // beautybybecca

Who else has had HD brows and loved them as much as me? 

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Charlotte Elizabeth said...

Your brows look amazing!
Sadly I live the other side of Leicester to pop to Loughborough but she's done an amazing job. :)

Ps, what eyeshadow are you wearing? It's gorgeous

Love Charlotte xo

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