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When MAC release new lipstick shades... I'm there and I have to get my hands on one (or two)! MAC have recently just released a new matte lipstick collection; some being brand new shades and some the lip liners but in a lipstick version (exciting huh?). Having ventured into hues of brown lipsticks at the moment I was dying to get my hands on some of the lipsticks from this collection as it does feature quite a few shades of brown; the first lippy I was eagerly itching to try though was Stone. For those of you that don't know, Stone is already in a lip liner version at MAC but surprisingly I don't even own it which I don't actually know why as it's such a gorgeous shade! Stone is a muted grey taupe brown, wow that sounds complicated... but to explain that simply - its a cool toned brown. Not a warm bark of the tree brown but more of a grey brown. The uniqueness of the colour is possibly why I love it so much. I love to switch up my lipsticks and try something different and this shade definitely does that. The only thing I would say is that you definitely need to prime your lips before applying this shade as it can be a bit drying but overall I can certainly see this becoming one of my go to lipsticks now that we approach Autumn!

Have you tried any of the new shades from the new matte lipstick collection? Let me know if you have! 

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