Unhappy at work || To quit or to stay?

Quitting your job is a massive decision. I know because here I am right now sat in this position; hating my job and wanting to quit. I know how it feels to hate your job (and I'm not talking about a bad day at the office!). I'm talking: not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, going to work day in day out and hating every passing second, clock watching until it's 5pm and most of all feeling so low you can't even function. When I first started this job I started out as my usual enthusiastic self, raring and ready to go accompanied by copious amounts of energy, motivation and determination . My passion for fashion was shining, my mood was at an ultimate high and knowing that I was finally taking that first little step onto the ladder towards my dream career was a massive relief, I could finally see direction. The first few months were amazing. I was always told that the best kind of job is one that doesn't feel like work, that way you never spend a day working in your life and it couldn't be more true. This aloud me to realize that fashion was where I belonged and not doing my teacher training like originally planned.

To cut to the chase it didn't continue as amazing as it first seemed. I won't go into details why I don't like it but it's just not working out and I've never felt so de-motivated with myself or a job in my life. But what do you do when it gets that bad that you really can't see past the end of the week and sticking it out isn't an easy option? Welcome to my current dilemma.

I've always been taught in life to stick things out, to persevere, suck it up and to never quit a job unless you have another one in line but right now for the first time in my life I just really don't know if that's possible.  I'm scared though, I don't want to be a quitter, a drop out and to be left jobless but I don't really know what else I can do right now...

So as I still think about this massive decision whilst going to work hating my life. The question is - To stay or to quit? I would love to heard your feedback and advice.... :)


TAYLOR said...

I was in the same boat last year and my family were also very for the whole 'don't quit unless you've got something lined up'. I not enjoying it so much, everytime I was to talk about it, I would be in tears. My fast-pass out was college (starting uni this year and I'm supper excited!!) but it was the best decision. I am obviously unsure as to how bad it's effecting you but you don't want to push yourself too far. Not sure how much that helps (lol) but I would say if you don't think it will turn back around to being great, it would be best to get out and be happy xxx

Bethan Griffiths said...

I was in the same dilemma, every day driving to work I'd have to listen to motivational music to make me feel like today was the day it was going to get better! But it never did. It wasn't benefiting me or the company me being there! However, I made the decision to quick with nothing lined up and I want to be honest, it made getting something else a little more difficult! Every employer I then interviewed for, 'why would you leave with nothing lined up?'' Or 'do you always make such risky business decisions?'. It did however help me to really step up my interview technique to fight back 😛 My advice would be to contact as many employers as you possibly can directly, explain you are looking to leave and see how much interest you can generate, send your CV to as many as possible. If your getting a good response, then I would certainly say life is too short and then quit your current role. If you do quit and have to face the awkward questions in interview, my answer was 'I am young, I don't have any financial commitments such as mortgage, I want to just focus on my career and my current role certainly isn't helping me do that.' I really hope it all works out! I've been in the same position and I was miserable! X

Virgos and Kisses said...

I felt like that earlier this year. So de-motivated and uninspired. Even though I was doing what I loved and worked so hard to get there I wasn't happy. But I stuck it out and explained to my superiors how I felt. For me it wasn't so much the work, it was the negativity around it. Although I don't see myself there for forever I didn't want to quit as I felt as though I had let myself down.
Sometime you're put in these situations to see if you are strong enough to survive them. If Fashion is what you love and this company is that - you she should at the very least find your strengths and more importantly learn everything you can so that when you do decide to leave at least you can say you survived that place and it never broke you. x

Good luck hun. x

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