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I did it. After months of uming and arhing, repeatedly googling, stalking and researching I decided that the MACs warm neutral palette needed to be mine... and yes my gosh it is the best decision I have ever made (make-up related that is!) and hence been glued to my vanity ever since - no joke.

In case you didn't already know - MAC currently have two pre-made palettes in their main collection : A warm neutral and a cool neutral in which both retail at £65 each - an absolute bargain considering one eye shadow alone is around £10. I opted for the warm tone variation as I simply fell in love with the stunning hues of browns, beiges and oranges; but then again why wouldn't I - these are ALWAYS my go-to colours...There is no doubt that the warm palette is extremely versatile and perfect to create easy on-the-go day time looks. A simple base colour with a darker colour blended into your crease and your good to go! Although the cooler tone palette is equally as stunning, I definitely feel this would be more suited for night-time looks; containing shades of grey, silver and black - ideal for a good old classic smokey eye!

So let me talk you through the shades in the palette:
P.s - Swatch pictures haven't been edited so that colours are as true as possible.
IMG_8575 Hey - Veluxe pearl finish - A pretty peachy/beige with a metallic sheen giving a good colour pay off.
Warm Breeze - Satin finish : A pastel coral with a satin/matte finish - (the shimmer is fairly minimal though).
Gingersnap - Frost finish - Mac describe this shadow as a "deep rosy pink" however I would say it is more of a rusty brown. It has a soft texture and really good pigmentation.
Dark Brew - Velvet finish - A warm chocolatey brown with red undertones. Although this shadow does contain slight shimmer it borderlines a matte finish.
Dance in the dark - Matte finish - A dark cool toned brown. Although the colour pay off is really nice this shadow is slightly dry and so doesn't apply as well as some of the other shadows in the palette.
Brule - Satin finish -  Brule is one of those "essential/basic" shadows that you always need (and in which I do already own!). It's a light beige with a near enough matte finish - this is a great shade to apply all over the lid as a base colour.
Vanilla Extract - Frost Finish - A gorgeous metallic beige however I do wish this shade was more opaque as it quite sheer - it is fairly build-able though.
Honey lust - Lustre finish - A stunning metallic bronzed copper with gold glitter running through it. Although this shade is a lovely colour, lustre finishes just aren't my favourite; giving a semi-opaque coverage and unfortunately quite a bit of fall out.
Amber lights - Frost finish - I cannot believe it has took me this long to try this shade! Amber lights is a definite eyeshadow essential; a stunning golden metallic coppery brown. Excellent colour pay-off and a soft texture.
Saddle - Matte finish - Another must-have eyeshadow that you need in your collection; saddle is a warm orange brown and is super pigmented. This is one of my favourite colours to use in my crease.
Lemon tart - Veluxe pearl finish - A muted yellow gold with good colour pay off.
Creative Copper - Lustre finish - A gorgeous rich coppery brown. This is surprisingly pigmented for a lustre finish and is almost a lighter version of Amber lights. There is a little "glitter-ness" and slight fall out.
Butterfudge - Satin finish - A golden shimmery brown with a soft texture,
Divine Decadence - Velvet finish - A warm dark bronzy brown. Although this shade has good colour pay off I did find it harder to work with as it doesn't blend as easily.
Unwind - Veluxe pearl finish -  A metallic yellow khaki shade - Excellent pigmentation and super soft.

On the whole I definitely think this is a well put together palette from MAC and is definite value for money if you are wanting some MAC eyeshadows. I only wish that they hadn't have glued the eyeshadow pans down as it would have been nice to adapt and customise the palette yourself - I think we can all say there are always one or two colours in a pre-made palette that you either don't use or don't suit you, so it would have been better to have had the option to change this. Nevertheless I am 100% glad I did opt for this palette, as although I do have a custom palette from MAC - these shades are nothing like what I already own apart from a couple.

Hope you enjoyed this post! -
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