How to pull off the wide leg flare trend

Top - Primark | Trousers - H&M | Bag - Primark | Shoes - River Island | Hat - Topshop

If you were to tell me 12 months ago that wide leg flares would me my go-to trouser then I most probably would have laughed in your face; especially when straight lined figure hugging skinny jeans have been my wardrobe staple for so long. There is no denying that wide leg trousers are a definite daunting silhouette for most this season; but wide leg flares are actually way more flattering (not to mention comfy!) than first anticipated. Here my top two important tips for styling wide leg flares (the right way!)
  1. Team with a fitted top - If like me your only just venturing to the dark side of trousers you will probably screaming out for a more tighter top half. Keep it simple and let your trousers do the talking...
  2. Heels will be your BFF - Avoid that 90's wide leg skater boy look with a good pair of heels. Not only that but if like me you are on the short side there is no escaping that drowned floor length drag and so heels are your answer! 
Have you ventured to the dark side and invested in some wide leg trousers? Let me know what you think of this trend! 

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