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Today I am featuring the return of an old drugstore favourite of mine that for many years has been totally buried at the back of my make-up draws - Revlon Photoready foundation. This foundation is no stranger to my blog and was actually one of the first foundations I ever reviewed but since I have re-purchased it and noticed a slight change to the formula or so it seems, my love for this foundation has returned and I wanted to update you and share a whole new post on this beauty.

For me, coverage is the most important factor of a foundation. I like a foundation that has full staying power, gives me a gorgeous dewy finish and offers maximum coverage. Revlon Photoready differs to most in this department due to it being such a buildable foundation i.e you won't have a thick mask of foundation after one coat. One application will give you a light/medium coverage but if you build it up you can easily achieve a flawless full coverage and best of all it still feels so fresh and light on my skin. I love a dewy finish to my foundation as appose to being matte as I feel almost frozen face like without a drop of glow to my face and this one definitely gives you that dewy glow.

Longevity of a foundation is the real test within drugstore brands as sometimes they might seem the real deal but after a few hours they can slowly start to show their cracks. This foundation stays on my face for a full working day without the need for any touch up's and still appears fresh and flawless. I think if I was to go out after I may need a slight touch up under my eyes and on my t-zone but other than that the staying power is really good.

The only slight niggle with this foundation is that the colour range is quite limited with only 8 shades to pick from and for a fake tan lover like me this is something that does seem to be quite challenging. That being said and not matching to any of the shades, the only option that was left to me was to purchase two and mix them to achieve the shade I needed, annoying yes but actually works really well.

Another important factor that I love about this foundation is the no flashback in photos - yes you may think I am wrong due to the fact there is SPF20 in this foundation and I don't actually know how it works myself but having wore this foundation for many nights out and been pictured with lots of flash photography, I can honestly assure you that you won't look ghastly and pale in your face with a tanned body *yipee*.

On a final note I just wanted to brush up on the "sparkle factor". Previously, when this foundation was first released there was a much talked about debate about a shimmer/sparkle running through this foundation and when I first purchased it I did get what everybody was going on about. In bright lights it was apparent that there were sighs of a slight shimmer running through the foundation - it was nothing that was majorly visible once applied to your face but still the idea of shimmer in a foundation did seem to be something that off put a lot of people. This time round though it's as though the formula has been adapted as the shimmer/sparkle factor even under bright lights is barely visible. Has anyone else noticed this?

At the moment, Revlon Photoready is a firm favourite in my foundation draw however I have just eyed up the new NARS release that is due to hit us next year which does somewhat excite me as if it is anything remotely like my beloved sheer glow then I will definitely be a fan! Until then...

What are your thoughts on this foundation?
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