Seaweed Ionic clay mask

Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask | The Body Shop | 100ml | £13.00 - Link here! 

It's safe to say that the unlimited food and sweets galore has definitely took it's toll on my skin over the Christmas period and I now resemble a somewhat spotty mess (great!). Is it just me or is anyone else excited about getting back to healthy eating and going gym?

Anyhow, with New Years fastly approaching I wanted to get my skin back to being in it's usual tip top shape and spot free. Using a face mask once a week is a definite must in my skin care routine as wearing a full face of make-up on an everyday basis undoubtedly shows the strain, clogging my pores and usually zapping the brightness out of my skin. For a while now my friend has been raving about the body shop's "Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask" and so I thought it was about time I got my hands on it and tested it out for myself. 

The mask itself comes in one of The Body Shop's trademark rounded pots which surprisingly I really like. It makes a pleasant change to the usually squeezy tubes of face masks as it gives you better product control (that being you won't end up squeezing too much out!) whilst also allowing easy access to every last drop of product. The mask has a real fresh aroma to it and is not overly endorsed with added fragrance. After applying the mask to my entire face, I popped in the bath to let it do its magic whilst having a relaxing ten minute soak. My skin is prone to being a tad sensitive so it didn't surprise me that it burned like hell, it doesn't for everyone (or so I am told) but it did for me. After my ten (or so) minutes were up, my face mask had dried and I resembled a human mummy - I washed the mask of with warm water. Even before removing this face mask I must comment on the fact that you can literally see your black heads on the surface of your skin which did somewhat amaze me and gave me high hopes for when it was all scrubbed off. 

So the results. After removing the mask, increased redness to my skin was apparent - this is nothing unusual to me though as most face masks generally do this. Apart from that minor con, I was amazed how fresh, soft and clear my skin looked. Generally, my nose is where I suffer the most with blackheads and I couldn't believe how clear and spot-free it was. I loved this mask that much that I even made my brother and boyfriend try it and they too commented on how much of a difference to their skin they noticed - especially to their blackheads.

This face mask is a definite must-purchase for me. I am always skeptical about trying skin care products on the basis of recommendations as everybody's skin differs, however this one seems to be a winner for most! I am totally blown away by the instant results I have already seen with this product and I will most certainly be using this on a weekly basis from now on. For £13 and a 100ml of product (not to mention the continual offers body shop do so you may get it cheaper or 3 for 2!) this product is an absolute bargain and definite value for money. So if you are on the scowl for something to re-hydrate and eliminate your spots I most definitely recommend that you give this a try.

Have you tried this mask? Let me know your thoughts!  
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Claudia Stenhouse said...

I've been eyeing this up so much, it sounds amazing!! Definitely will be buying one when I next get paid. Great review!!

Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

Claudia Stenhouse said...

I've been eyeing this up so much, it sounds amazing!! Definitely will be buying one when I next get paid. Great review!!

Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

Laura Gemma said...

Thanks Claudia ─ and yes you definitely need to, its soo good! xx

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