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Real techniques miracle complexion sponge || £5.99 || Boots || Link here! 

Real techniques has fast become one of my favourite brands in the world of make-up brushes and if you haven't yet already tried them then I seriously recommend that you do. Make-up sponges admittedly have never been something that I have been previously drawn to, however for some reason this one caught my eye - although it may have been due to the claim of a miracle complexion that I was really enticed!

At first glance my initial thoughts were that this isn't just your cheapy £1 Primark special; it feels well made and soft. The versatility of this product is something definitely worth mentioning having three different surface areas that allow you to blend, obtain coverage and be precise with your foundation application. Before using the sponge you are advised to run it under water until it expands and then gently squeeze the excess water out until the product is damp.

Now I know that a sponge won't be for everyone, it really will be a love or hate affair with this applicator and will also heavily depend on the type of coverage and finish you like with your foundation. Personally I love that airbrushed full coverage look and I find that this sponge really does provide that. To achieve this look I like to dab the sponge into a few pumps of liquid foundation on the back of my hand, I then use a sort of patting/bouncing motion across my entire face and slowly build the coverage up as to how I like it. I especially love using this sponge when I want that full contoured look, I do this by applying two different shades of foundation with a foundation brush however I just use the brush to apply rather than do any blending. I take the lighter shade and apply this under my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, on my chin and on the lower part of my jaw. I then take a darker foundation and apply this to my cheek bones, down the side of my nose and around the sides of my forehead. I then find that taking a sponge and matting this all in really gives such a flawless airbrushed look.

My only slight niggles with sponges is one being the hygiene factor (are they ever completely clean?) and the fact that no matter how much you wash them they never return to their original orange selves. I also find that after a few months I do need to repurchase a new one as it starts to flake bits off and dis-shape a bit. However do not be put off by these few minor hiccups, I do really love this sponge and the flawless finish it gives to my foundation but I do also think that it won't be for everyone.

Let me know what your thoughts on beauty sponges are! Have a lovely week everyone.
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Faye Jones said...

Totally agree with this review, I have one and I love it!

Faye x
i wish i could wink

Beckys Beautique said...

I prefer the beauty blender to this one, however it's still quite good and cheap!

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Laura Gemma said...

Yes ive heard amazing things about the beauty blender - must try it!xx

Laura Gemma said...

I swear by it - love the finish it gives me xx

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