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Although I love a good old bottle of perfume, admittedly it isn't something I regularly buy. Christmas and birthdays are when I heavily rely on stocking up on smellies! However, just recently my remaining bottles are sadly seeing the end of their days and so I knew a new purchase was looming close. As Christmas is fast approaching, I didn't want to make a mahoosive splurge - perfumes are never the cheapest, especially when like me, you are automatically attracted to the most expensive scent on the shelf! Black XS by Paco Rabanne is no stranger to my smell buds - I use to obsessively lather myself in this stuff years ago whenever I would pass a fragrance counter, however I never actually got around to buying it and had since totally forgot about it. That until one of my work collegues came into work the other week smelling absolutely gorgeous - I recognized the scent straight away and when she told me what it was I couldn't believe I had forgot about this gem for so long.

The scent itself is very feminine containing hints of black violet, cocoa, cranberry, vanilla and Patchouli. Girls perfumes can be such a let down when it comes to how long they stay on for, I like a perfume that I can smell all day not one that I have to spray on every hour. This one definitely ticks the boxes for being long lasting and I love the fact I can actually smell it on me unlike some perfumes. To sum this perfume up I would describe it as warm, slightly floral, spicy and musky. Its a gorgeous scent so definitely give it a whiff when you walk past a perfume counter!

Do you have any other perfume recommendations for me? Let me know!

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