Mac lip combo || Sin and Vino

MAC lipstick | Sin | £15.50 - MAC Lip liner | Vino | £12.50

I don't know about you but I go through stages with lipsticks - One minute I obsess about my lips being basic, simple and nude, detesting any coloured lipstick in sight (or on me!) to the next minute absolutely loving every shade of lipstick under the sun! Woah, I just cannot keep up with these lip mood changes.

I went out for Halloween last Friday and to mark this occasion I wanted a darker more autumn/winter type look on my lips and so I strayed into my local MAC to pick up a new combo. I love matte finishes as they are so pigmented and long lasting on the lip and after describing to the MAC girl what sort of look I wanted she recommended that I try "Sin". Out of the bullet Sin looks somewhat of a deep red - Mac's description is" a deep dark blue red" and even swatched it looks really on point to this - however, I would say that although it definitely does contain some red it also is very much on the purple burgundy side too. My initial choice for a lip liner was burgundy by MAC, however this sadly was out of stock, so instead I opted for Vino which is described by MAC as an Intense violet purple - very true that. Vino is slightly darker that Sin so if you don't mind having that darker lip liner look this works perfect. If it is a bit too much you can always blend it with your lip brush so that it looks more subtle.

Overall I absolutely love this combo for the autumn/winter looks. It definitely is quite daring considering I have spent the last few months in nude rehab with my lipsticks but I am loving having colour back on my lips.

What other MAC lipstick combos are you loving this a/w? Let me know in the comments below!
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Becky Boo said...

omg what a gorgeous combo! Need to pick up these shades now thanks for sharing :)

ThatsSoRaeRae said...

Absolutely love this color combo. Are there any dupes for a cheaper combination? Thanks ��

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