Things I would have told my younger self ...

I am not going to ramble on and act like some sort of know it all that has been through everything in life and knows all the answers (as clearly I haven't and I don't) but I do think I have been through a hell of a lot since leaving school 8 years ago - I have had some amazing times mixed in with some of the darkest lowest times and one thing I do know is that I have learnt so much along the way! Here are some tips and advice that may help make your life be that little bit easier.

Don't rush into things
Not Guilty / Guilty. Yes we have all had those moments in life, we think something sounds like the best idea in the world, we get ahead of ourselves and instead of sitting down and weighing up the pros and cons, having a sleep on it (whatever it is that you do to help you think) - you don't, you skip that step, dive knee deep and plunge straight into a situation without a second thought. Yes I've done it *holds up hand*. Sometimes in life there feels so much pressure on us that we rush way too easily into making important decisions. For me this was when I finished college, the pressure to go university was insane. I felt that if I didn't everyone would think I was a failure. Truth was though, I honestly didn't have a clue what I wanted to study nor a clue what I wanted to be. And so I ended up just choosing whatever course took my interest (journalism) and accepting any university that wanted me. I ended up hating it, got my self into three grands debt and came home after two months. Yes it was an experience and I don't believe in regrets but motto of the story is - If your not sure don't do it, give yourself time, have a think and ask yourself whether it is what you really want - don't do something because you feel you have to, do something because it's what you know you want to.

Failing makes you stronger
failure quotes
Failure is inevitable - If we went our whole life without failing then we would never learn how to be better nor would we push ourselves to be better. I failed my driving test twice - to hear them words YOU HAVE FAILED is a huge confidence knocker I won't lie, I gave up immediately and stopped all my driving lessons for months but giving up can not be an option in life. You fail for a reason, to learn and get better. You can't go your whole life fearing failure because if you do you will never try in the first place. So if you fail, don't give up - you will get there eventually -  just stick with it and remember there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.   

Don't hold grudges
Life really is too short to hold grudges with people. That doesn't mean you have to stay best friends with the person or be as close as you once were, just let go off what happened and forgive (you don't have to forget!). I always think it makes you a better and bigger person to move on from a situation and be mature and civil rather than hold grudges.

Friends come and go 
When I look back over the years it really does show me who my true friends are and who never really was. Of course, I do believe as we get older friends do just generally change - we change. But what I have learnt the most is don't waste time on rubbish friends. If you are finding yourself constantly making the effort in the friendship and not receiving anything back they obviously don't value your friendship that much. Sad but true. So let go and invest your time with the people that value it the most.

Don't go looking for love
This may sound so cliche but I honestly believe that love will find you. Everything happens for a reason and if somethings meant to be it will happen. Don't go searching for what you don't know, just live a little, relax and it will find you when you least expect it.

True beauty comes from within
I think naturally in our youth we are so focused outwardly on our appearance and looking good that we forget what true beauty actually is. Well here's a reality check for you - looks fade. How you look now will one day be gone. That doesn't mean to say don't make the effort on your outer appearance - it's always nice to feel good, look good and have confidence about ourselves but if you spend all your time focusing and worrying about what you look like it, it leaves you little time to nurture the deeper value of beauty - what's in the inside. Embrace your inner qualities and thrive from within. You can be the most physically beautiful person in the world but if your inside doesn't match that it quickly turns you into the most unattractive person.

Hope you found this most interesting/useful/maybe boring? Who know's! Hope you are all having a good week.
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Emily Possnett said...

I think I would have told my younger self the same xx

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