Bourjois || 2 in 1 Bronzing powder and highlighter

Bourjois || 2 in 1 Bronzing powder and highlight || £7.99 || Boots || Link here! 

There's nothing quite like a sweep of bronzer to give you that sun-kissed finish to prep your day and since I decided to break another, yes, another MAC bronzer this week (2nd time in a month!) I took it as a sign that maybe I needed to switch up my routine and explore what other bronzing products are out there on the market. I decided to pick up the new Boujouris bronzing powder and highlighting duo as I'm a sucker for a good contour and highlight so this seemed like the perfect combo to unleash my mitts on.

Like any product, packaging is a huge deal to me. It's a standard setter really, sleek designed good quality packaging really does entice you and add luxury to a product.  Unfortunately this product certainly wasn't that and definitely ticked the more cheap and naff packaging category in my opinion. That much so that a week after trying this product the cardboard came away from the magnet - nothing to effect the product but just a bit of a let down in that department really! Having said this I do think it is a handy on the go compact.

This duo is perfect if you are after a more subtle everyday bronze and highlight. The products themselves are not overly pigmented in comparison to my usual sort of bronze/highlights but having said this they are perfect to use on an everyday basis as personally I like my make-up to be more toned down for work or everyday errands. The bronze gives a natural pop of warmth to your cheeks with a gorgeous semi-matte finish - I say semi-matte as there is a very slight sign of shimmer but nothing overly apparent. The highlight is very neutral and simple and provides a very flattering flash of shimmer to your cheek bones. Tip - always apply this to the very top of your cheek bones (not all over your cheeks!). I usually find that cheaper powder bronzers/highlights can be a pain to blend and don't sit well on my skin, however these blended really easily and did not go patchy or "cakey". I wouldn't say this product will give you a deep contoured Kim K look but if you want an everyday handy bronze/highlight to add some warmth and dimension to your face this will definitely provide you with that. Overall, if you are looking for a reasonably priced everyday bronze and highlight I would definitely say go ahead and give this a go!

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