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L'oreal false lash telescopic mascara in black || £10.99 || Boots 

When it comes to the lash department, L'oreal really do excel themselves with their extensive range of good quality mascaras. Admittedly, I have tried many different branded mascaras over the years, high to low price range, and although some have undoubtedly been fairly good, none have ever impelled that "wow" factor on me nor impressed me that much to make me run to the shop and repurchase. L'oreal mascaras though have been a staple in my make-up bag for many years now and I have yet to be disappointed by them. Even throughout the different mascara wands there is just something about the formula of L'oreal mascaras that instantly attracts me over and over again. I have been a fan of L'oreal's telescopic mascara for months now and so on my latest boots trip decided to try the "false lash" version. Everybody dreams of that natural falsie look so I wanted to see if this mascara really does live up to it's name.

As I have previously mentioned in other posts, I absolutely hate brand new mascaras, the formula always seems way to runny and makes it so much harder to build up coats of mascara, therefore, I like to undo the lid and let it dry out for a few days, this way it makes the mascara formula slightly thicker and less watery. After I did this the mascara instantly applied like a dream, I like to wait about 30 seconds in between each coat application as this allows a better build up - apply too soon after and it just goes a watery stuck together lash mess, apply too late after and it will go majorly clumpy so timing with mascara is key! On the whole this mascara without a doubt transformed my non existent lashes into something considerably more thick, voluminous and dramatic but in terms of a "false lash" effect I couldn't help but feel some what disappointed when comparing it to it's theoretically less superior counterpart in which is the standard "telescopic" mascara. Although heaps of volume was apparent, it didn't take long til clumpy stuck together lashes made an appearance and the lack of length to my lashes and the ability to hold a curl really made me take a dislike to this product as the standard telescopic is renowned for its miracle working long lash transformations.

To summarise, this mascara is great if you want that big added volume look to your lashes, however, if your after those long fluttery "false" lashes this won't be for you. This product sits more on the higher end of your high street mascaras and although it retails at £10.99 which isn't the cheapest of high street products, it definitely does something to your lashes to make the price tag worth it. Although I did feel slightly let down by this product, I think a lot of people will definitely really like it, however for me, I will most certainly be returning to my standard "telescopic" mascara!

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