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Cocoa Brown tan || £6.00 || Primark 

As a compulsive all year round tanner, it is only natural that I am continually on the scowl for that ultimate fake tan in which will never leave the draws of my vanity. Having tried and tested countless brands of all different price tags, it will probably come as no surprise to you tanaholics that my current firm favorite is the popular St.Moritz due to it's incredibly affordable price but yet surprisingly quick and amazing results. However, there is always room for something bigger and better right? So when the latest beauty hype whirled around the blogasphere and turned out to be a new fake tan - Cocoa Brown, I just had to get my mitts on it myself to put the hype to the test and see what this bravado was all about...

Unlike these 12 hour developing tans, Cocoa Brown claims to give you that golden bronze glow in one hour, yes, you heard it, no more one day pre-preps for your fake tan to develop in time for that night out as this one can be used on the night. After prepping my skin, I applied the fake tan onto my tanning mitt - ( this is a must - always works better than applying it straight to the skin!). At first impressions, the texture really did somewhat fascinate and impress me as unlike St.Moritz this mousse was somewhat different, being more like a thick fluffy hair mousse formula than a thin watery texture. This was such a big plus for me as it made it feel somewhat more moisturizing when applying and didn't cling to the more drier parts of my body such as my elbows and knees.

The second most noticeable thing to initially win me over with this tan was the gorgeous tropical fruity fragrance that it emitted which was a pleasant change to having the usual digestive biscuit aroma. Like most tans nowadays it also has a tint to it so that when you apply the product you can see any places you may have missed, this is such a must for fake tans! After covering myself head to toe in tan, I allowed it to dry - I like to try and keep as still as possible when I' am waiting for my tan to dry (if possible that is!) - this is so that I am not putting my tan at risk of going patchy! After an hour passed, it was immediately noticeable that my tan had undoubtedly developed into a gorgeous bronzed tan, it was patch free, even and not a streak in sight! It is also gave such a naturally bronzed tan colour with no sign of orange (hurrahh!). One slight downside was that the dreaded biscuit aroma had crept through whilst developing, however, this wasn't something that really bothered me!

Overall, Cocoa Brown tan lives up to everything I dream of in a tan - streak free, even tan, moisturizing, affordable, a gorgeous bronze colour and a lovely initial smell when applying. Now the real test for me is re-purchasing and guess what? Since using this little gem it has been stocked up in my vanity religiously and my once loved St.Moritz has not made a re-appearance yet! So girls, if you are looking for a new tan to rival your current one I urge you to give this a try, I have nothing but positive things to say about this tan and better still if you head to Primark - it's only £6! Word on the street is that they also stock a dark version of this so I will undoubtedly be trying that too.

What are your thoughts on Cocoa Brown tan?
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