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Maybelline || Baby skin - Instant pore eraser || £7.99 || 22ml || Boots || Link here!

The release of Maybelline's Baby skin range earlier this year caused somewhat of a frenzy throughout the blogasphere centering lots of raving reviews and so like any other beauty fanatic I was eager to see what all the bravado was about! I will start of by saying that this product will be one you either love or hate. It is that simple. Silicone based primer lovers will be in heaven, however, if you lust over that more moisturised texture to your primer then you probably may want to give this product a swerve... 

So first things first is packaging, (because first impressions count right?!) The packaging could not be more spot on for a primer, a super cute small tube with a little nozzle on the end making it easy to dispense the perfect amount of product. The formula as I mentioned is silicone based with a transparent gel like texture and the purpose of this product is to essentially prep your skin so that it is silky smooth with minimum pore visibility. It is also fragrance free, which personally I like as there is nothing worse than a bad smelling base product to prep your skin!

As an "instant pore eraser" I would definitely say that without a doubt after applying this product to my skin my pores were minimised and 100% less noticeable, we aren't talking vanished, so don't be expecting miracles, but I certainly noticed a big difference! Additionally, my skin felt silky soft and appeared somewhat smoother, however this is only after you have let the product fully absorb into your skin as it does take a while. Although I definitely think this product does do what it preaches, I do feel it will be down to personal preference and skin type as to whether or not you love this primer and personally it is just not for me. As a stand alone base product to enhance my skin on non-foundation days I do really rate this product, it makes my skin appear flawless, soft and generally makes my skin appear better than what it naturally is. However, using this as a base product for my foundation just does not cut it for me, it takes way too long to absorb into my skin and almost makes it feel slightly greasy making my foundation application somewhat slippery when applying. 

Overall, I can see why people do really love this product, unquestionably it does do a grand job of disguising large pores and once absorbed does leave your skin feel silky smooth, however, as a base for my foundation I just couldn't get a long with this product as it made my skin feel somewhat greasy after applying my foundation. Do not be put off though as I know that for some skin types this will not be at all be the case and if you have had previous experiences with silicone based primers and loved them, then this will certainly be for you! 

What are your thoughts on this primer? 
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Annabelle Jordan said...

I bought this primer about two weeks ago and I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it. Totally agree with you that my pores were minimized and my skin felt silky smooth but it also left my face feeling greasy. Nonetheless it's a great inexpensive primer.

peace, vibe, soul + annabelle

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