Rimmel Apocalips | Review

1. Stellar ( a bright pink)  | 2. Luna ( a peachy nude)

In the world of beauty bloggers new product releases are always the talk of the town so when Rimmel released the new "Apocalips" lip lacquers last week I immediately had to jump on the band waggon and take a trip down to boots to purchase and try out this latest hyped about product. The lip lacquers retail at £6.99 each, which in my opinion is a bargain in itself so you could imagine my face when I realised that Rimmel currently have 3 for 2 across all of their product range in boots. This means you can bag yourself 3 of these gorgeous lip lacquers for £12 *bargain*. Me being my sensible saving self at the moment, opted to just purchase 2 and get my wholly grail Nude delight lipstick as my freebie as I had completely ran out!

At first glance - WOW, the packaging really stood out for me -  Black and glossy with a diamond like lid with the black fading as the tube goes down, allowing the product colour to become visible at the bottom. This instantly won me over as personally there is nothing better than having pretty attractive products in your make-up bag! Secondly the colour range - erm can I have them all? Seriously they are ALL amazing - I never always feel like I can say this when other ranges bring out new collections with different colours as usually there is always guaranteed to be one I would steer clear of but these are all colours to die for and if they had all been in stock would definitely have purchased a few more! 
On to the product itself, now I will be honest I am not usually one for lip glosses - purely because I always find they are never that pigmented, the staying power is poor and the hair, wind and lip situation, jeeze - *annoying*. I couldn't be more wrong about these though - the pigmentation is truly something, I couldn't get over how little you needed to apply to give such a bright burst of colour. The gloss factor added to the whole look, making my lips appear bigger than ever whilst giving a gorgeous shine. I liked the fact that it wasn't a "sticky" gloss and it felt more like I was wearing a creamy shinny lipstick which was a big thumbs up for me.
The staying power - this is something that always puts a product to the test in my opinion as personally I don't want to have to be topping up my lippy every hour in order to sustain the colour. This really exceeded my expectations as although the gloss does begin to fade, the colour remained on my lips throughout the day - even if it was faded, the colour was still there.
Overall I was really impressed by Rimmel - the quality, the price, the product. It all really stood out for me and if you are looking for a new lip product to try then I would definetly reccommend you go out and buy one of these - I am already eyeing up my next colour to buy!

Have you tried the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers? What are your thoughts?


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