Illamasqua | Blusher duo - Lover & Hussy

Illamasqua Powder Blusher Duo // Lover and Hussy - £26 (I paid £20.80 with my discount!)
When ASOS recently had their 25% student discount (20% of beauty) I seized the opportunity and rushed online to purchase this Illamasqua blush duo that had been on the top of my "beauty wants" list for some time now. Illamasqua is one make-up brand that I had yet to try and with all the amazing hype around their products you could imagine my excitement to finally be purchasing one.

After frantically ripping open my ASOS parcel it was like love at first sight with this product - literally am in love. For a start I am a packaging geek, it is all about first impressions for me, I feel that when you pay a hefty price tag for a product it is simply a necessity that it then carries a high end expensive feel. This succeeds in doing that by keeping the packaging simple and black but having an elegant shaped compact.

Now onto the product - Illamasqua did not fail in letting me down on this one. I really was stunned when I opened my blush compact, I mean I had an idea what it was going to look like but could never have quite imagined how amazing the colours were actually going to be - bright, pigmented, blend able, smooth - need I say more? The colours of this palette will no doubt be the staple of my cheeks this summer. The first shade "Lover" is a gorgeous peachy apricot and I know without a doubt this will fast become one of my essential pick me ups. Hussy is described as a candy pink but in my opinion has a touch of coral in it. I love the fact that these blushers are so build able, a little bit goes along way, they literally glide on your cheek and the end result is a gorgeous flawless matte finish.

I can not quite believe how I have been surviving without this little blush duo, in 48 hours of having this product it has fastly become my favourite go to blush and I know that I will definitely be making a re-purchase when these run out - they are just too amazing not to have in my life.

Have you tried any Illamasqua products? Let me know your thoughts!


Louise x said...

I really want to try some Illamasqua products - they all look amazing. This blush duo will be perfect for summer.

Louise x

Confessions of a Secret Shopper

Laura Gemma said...

Ahh you should babe, I am so impressed, blushers always seem to last quite a while for me as u don't need to use much so defo worth the money :-)
Laura x x

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! May I ask what you ask for at the hairdressers? I love your middle parting and two bits at the front of your hair that you leave down when you put the rest up. (if you know what I mean lol)! Gorgeous. Your bullying story really inspires me, as a 17 year old girl who got bullied and currently has no friends, it gives me hope to know it will get better :( xx

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