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Every girl loves a bargain and Primark is without a doubt one of my favourite fashion friendly high street shops when it comes to shopping on a budget. For me Primark can either be a hit or miss though, finding myself wanting everything or nothing. My one rule I do have when finding something in Primark is to always grab it and buy it as it never stays on the shelf for long! Here are a few recent purchases I picked up in store last week...
Black Wedges -£16 - Wedges are my absolute saviour on nights out and are the only things that provide my feet with the security of not falling over and also not having blisters,cuts and sores on! These black suede open toes are night out essentials in your wardrobe.
Skeleton bodysuit - £6                                                Cat vest - £4 

Black studded boots -£10 - When I heard the UK weather was not going to be picking up anytime soon I realised I NEEDED to invest in a pair of booty's. I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted these beauties reduced to £10, studs are my weakness so these are perfect!
 Belts - £2.50 Tights - £2.50 - Sunglasses £2.00
Black shiny leggings - An essential pick me up in my wardrobe for everyday wear! 
Lots of love,

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NatashaJanesWorld said...

Got to love Primark! The shoes are gorgeous :) x

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