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For some time now I have been eagerly anticipating trying out a Graze box, the concept being receiving a weekly or fortnightly food box through the post stashed full of snacks with "healthy benefits" - food is my weakness and these little snack sized low calorie treats looked too yummy to miss being sampled!

My friend kindly gave me her coupon code which allowed me to sample my first box for free. The options they give you are really customised to suit your needs, allowing you to pick a designated day of your choice that you wish to receive your box and also giving you the option of having it weekly, fortnightly and how many boxes per week you would like to receive.
Here is what you receive : A packaged box containing 4 products, a booklet containing the nutritional information/use by dates.

Now you might wonder what if I receive something you don't like? Well before Graze sends you out your box you are asked to explore their wide range of foods whilst rating each product under the subheadings - Bin - try - like - love or send soon. This then allows them to get a taste of what foods you definitely do not want and what things you will like. Their range includes : dips + dippers, fresh bread, flapjacks, natural treats, super seeds, nuts etc.

In my box I was sent :
  •  Honeycomb Flapjack - my personal favourite of the box, perhaps because it was the most unhealthiest thing?
  • Popping corn (slightly sweet) - a fab low calorie treat at 96 calories!
  • Billionaires shortbread
  • Strawberry milkshake
You can definitely tell by my box that I had a slight sweet tooth when selecting what I wanted to be sent soon - but the good thing about all these products are that they are all small contained portions, great for a controlled snack.

Overall, I was really impressed by my Graze box and would definitely recommend giving it a try. I love the fact that each box comes as a surprise but including only the things you have opted for that you either want to try, like or love. Personally for me receiving items in the post is always an exciting prospect and even more still when they are surprises and food!! £3.89 may sound a tad expensive once a week for 4 products especially so if you are a student like me, but I do think it is good value considering your delivery is included - it then only makes each product work out to about 60p!

 The only thing you need to remember is that if you do not want the weekly/fortnightly subscription and simply just want to try a box then you need to remember to pop back over to the website and cancel as by entering your card details you will keep being sent them until you un-subscribe. This was not a problem for me though and after receiving my first box simply cancelled my subscription.

If you do want to try one of these lovely food boxes for free then pop over to GRAZE and enter the coupon code : NM4551D

What are your thoughts on the Graze boxes? Would love to hear your opinions.
*Please note this is not a sponsored post - item was brought with my own money to try and test :-)

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