The best body scrub ever? For all my eternity coffee scrub

For All My Eternity | Coffee scrub | £15.99 - Link here!

As a compulsive tanner, having a good skin care regime is almost more important than having a good tanning product. It sounds quite obvious really, preparation is key but you would be surprised by how many girls let this slip and always forget this vital step. It's no wonder that they are left with grubby, 
patchy tanned skin!

I'm not going to lie when I first seen these coffee scrubs flood my Instagram timeline many months ago now I thought it was just a massive publicity hype for bloggers. There were so many girls taking pictures and promoting these sorts of products I honestly didn't take a second glance at the product, I just thought it was some sort of con. Fast forward a few months and here I am reviewing one. I was sent this product a good few weeks ago now and like I said I was very sceptical to say the least. I couldn't understand how this product was going to stand out and be anything amazing against my usual bodyshop exfoliating scrub (in which I religiously use!).

The texture of the scrub is quite fine and has quite a similar resemblance to coffee (non-surprisingly!), I grabbed a handful whilst in the shower with my wet hands and was quite shocked to see how far so little went. It spread easily on the skin and unlike many body scrubs it wasn't at all harsh - so often body scrubs can be quite grainy and sharp on my skin which in turn causes me a lot of redness but I didn't find this at all with this one. Usually I really find myself having to scrub this sort of product into my skin to really ensure that my tan is heavily exfoliated off but surprisingly this acted like some sort of instant tan remover, minimal scrubbing and quick easy tan removal! I don't know if it's the coffee ingredient or what but whatever it is -it worked an absolute dream and never have I found it so easy to remove my tan in the shower. Not only that but I also could not get over how silky soft this stuff left my skin feeling, it was incredible! The only thing that that let this product down was the scent, for me it just wasn't a pleasant smell - too much coffee and not enough fragrance and so I did find myself having to go in with a body wash just so I smelt slightly fresher and not coffee like! To be honest it isn't anything that would deter me from re-purchasing as the product is still amazing. Plus there are plenty of other scents to try out, so I will definitely pick up a different scent next time!

Overall, I am completely blown away by this product. It honestly has really changed my opinion of these "coffee scrub" products and I can see now why people rave about them so much. If you are an avid fake tanner user like myself, you definitely need to invest in one of these (it's already replaced by whole grail bodyshop one!). A little goes along way and they really do speed up that exfoliating time, ensuring you have a nice smooth base to apply your tan too. Even if you aren't one to tan, this product is just a great product to use once/twice a week in the shower to revitalise your skin and remove any impurities and dead skin cells, you really do notice the difference.

Have you tried a coffee scrub before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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