Lip combo || MAC Boldly bare and Angel

MAC Boldly Bare Lip liner
MAC Angel Lipstick 
Before any application of lip products it is crucial that your lips are well prepped. This will help make the product apply much more smoothly with no flakes or dry bits. I like to use a lip scrub by LUSH as this really helps exfoliates my lips and leaves them super soft. Alternatively you can make your own with olive oil and sugar. 
Now that your lips are all prepped it's time to line the lips. Using a lip liner is an absolute must for me when it comes to wearing lipstick as not only does it create the perfect neat outline, it also accentuates and gives the illusion of bigger lips in which unfortunately I do not have! I like to take my liner ever so slightly outside the natural lines of my lips, be careful that you aren't drawing too out of the lines though as you want it to look as natural as possible. 
After I've lined my lips, I then like to fill the rest of my lips in with the liner. This essentially acts as a base for my lipstick and I notice a huge difference in longevity of my lipstick when I've done this step as I rarely have to top up my lippy during my working day!
Using Angel by MAC (a fav of Kim Kardashians!) I apply this directly out of the bullet onto my lips. I then go around the edges with a lip brush just to make sure the lipstick is blended and even. For a more precise finish you can tidy up around yours lips with a concealer if necessary. This lipstick has such a gorgeous finish providing a slight bit of gloss giving the illusion of big powty lips. 
And here's the finishing result mwaaah!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Keep your eye's peeled for my Kylie Jenner Inspired one coming soon!
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Jade Hardy said...

I love the look of Boldly Bare, it's definitely something I need to add to my collection! xx

Beth said...

Love love love your blog so much! Been following since the start pretty much, and your youtube. :)x

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