Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Spray Moisturizer

Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Spray Moisturizer || £7.99 || Boots || Link here!

Spray moisturizers are fast becoming the latest tech savy trend in the world of skincare which will come as a relief to those of you that like me find moisturizing to be one of those grueling and tedious chores. This genius idea though allows moisturizing to be somewhat of a speedy task within our never ending beauty regime so there really is no excuses for dry unloved skin.

My love affair with Cocoa Butter's natural bronze moisturizer has been existent for quite some time now due to it's super moisturizing effect, silky soft texture and ability to provide a natural tan with a divine fragrance. However, with this being said the skin absorbency of the original product is somewhat timely, taking about 10 minutes to fully soak in. Having previously tried Vaselines version of the spray moisturizer and taking an instant shine to it, my eyes immediately lit up when spying this beauty on a recent trip to boots.

Spray moisturizers undoubtedly have a lighter consistency in comparison to your box standard tube moisturizer so if you do like a thick layering of moisturizer this product may not be for you. For everyday use, I personally prefer something a bit lighter, simply because of it's ability to absorb into your skin almost instantly which means no waiting around for the product to dry (yay). As a compulsive tanner, I of course do not primarily use this as although it is one of the best gradual tans around and will provide you with a gorgeous even bronzed glow it still isn't enough for me. Instead, I like to use this to prep my skin before my fake tan application as I feel it really helps hold my tan as it provides such a smooth moisturized base. Some moisturizers can be on the greasy side and give some what of a sticky feel however this applies like a dream, absorbs instantly and leaves your skin simply feeling silky smooth. Did I mention that it smells good enough to eat? Yes, literally. Sort of a vanilla, chocolate infused scent without being too overpowering or sickly.

Oh and before I forget, as this product is a gradual tan I would advise you to still apply it with a mitt like you would with a fake tan as it does have a tendency (like fake tan) to stain your hands, and we don't want no "tango-ed" hands now do we...

If you are looking for that ultimate gradual tan to perk up your pale skin throughout the winter months, I honestly urge you to look no further as this is without a doubt one of the best on the beauty market. As a moisturizer I again also highly recommend it due to it's luxurious silky soft texture, quick absorbency and delightful fragrance. Cocoa butter natural bronze spray retails for £7.99 for 200ml (£5.33 on offer in boots at the moment!) which isn't the cheapest of moisturizers but definitely well worth it in my opinion.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts? Do you prefer the original formula or the spray formula?  

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Faye Jones said...

Oooo I love a bit of Cocoa Butter, and it looks a dream in spray form! I need to try.

Faye x
i wish i could wink

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