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YSL || Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation || B60 || £30.50 || Debenhams  - Link here!

If you are a frequent reader of my blog you will know that I have recently got brave and strayed away from my wholly grail foundation (MAC studio fix fluid) to embark on a mission to hunt down the very best of foundations that other brands have to offer. So far I am some what impressed, shocked and amazed to discover that MAC really isn't the only brand out there with a decent foundation (where have I been all my life?!). So let's jump straight into my latest purchase...

YSL is a brand that I have always had amazing experiences with (the lipsticks in particular are to die for!) and so my expectations for their foundation was instantly somewhat high. After mooching through the shade range online and reading many reviews, I couldn't quite decide which shade would be best as I like a foundation to match my tan (not my skin). This foundation boosts an incredible 22 shades and are arranged into 3 different colour ranges, so I knew that finding the perfect match wouldn't be far from impossible -
Warm || BD || Beige Dore  
Cool || BR || Beige Rose 
Neutral || B || Beige

As I was going to be spending a hefty £30.50 on a foundation I decided to pop into the YSL counter in Debenhams to get colour matched. The lady recommended B60 as she said thought the more warmer shade range "BR" would look borderline orange on me, which isn't a look I desire (say no to tango'ed!). I was a bit worried that B60 wouldn't be as warm, but after applying my bronzer on top, it actually matches perfectly to my tan, so if your a NC40 in MAC i'd highly recommend this colour for you.

The product comes inside one of YSL's signature gold boxes advocating that luxury high end brand whilst adding a classy and sophisticated aura. The foundation itself feels somewhat luxurious, presented in a swish glass bottle finished with a golden lid and text either side of the bottle. Unlike other brands, YSL have it spot on by including a built in pump to easily dispense your foundation (hoorah!), so say goodbye to those days of parting with that extra fiver for a pump! 

When purchasing this foundation I must admit I didn't really know what to expect, it was one of those purchases merely brought on the hype and so when the lady at the YSL counter mentioned the word "Gel foundation" I really did think oh no what am I buying *images of thick cakey mac studio sculpt popping through my head* - however, do not fear. It turns out that most foundations tend to have "opaque powders" within them, which is used to give that full thick coverage, however, these are also what can make your skin appear more mask- like rather than naturally flawless. This foundation formula though replaces the opaque powders with a "soft focus gel" which aims to make the skin appear bright, smooth and illuminating without having to layer your foundation on. 

After applying this foundation with my real techniques sponge, the first thing to impress me was how light-weight this foundation feels - forget that thick cakey "I know I am wearing foundation" feel this was a foundation free experience accept I actually was wearing it (amazing huh?). Coverage wise, two pumps of this around my face gave a light/medium coverage, which I surprisingly liked (perfect for the summer) - all my flaws were covered, my skin looked even and it gave such a radiant glow. I did apply more though, as I do prefer that firm medium/full coverage. I wouldn't say it's as full coverage as something like MAC studio fix fluid my freckles peaked through slightly and it doesn't feel as heavy but it's definitely a firm medium coverage. Finish wise it gives a gorgeous radiant luminous effect, slightly dewy, but overall it adds that real bright glow to your skin. In terms of longevity, this foundation lasted me a full day (9+ hours) without any real need to top up. There is also a slight floral aroma to this foundation, which although I wouldn't say I love, it does beat the trademark paint like smell that MAC foundations have. 

If you are looking to try a new foundation then I really recommend you give this one a whirl, yes it's a tad pricey but is it worth it? Yes, it definitely is, and I will be quick to re-purchase when I run out! Also a mention that a little really does go a long way with this product - I couldn't actually believe how little I applied to get a coverage I liked! 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this foundation or any others for me to try? Leave your comments below!
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Jessica Jayne said...

Had this foundation twice and it's amazing! Best foundation I've brought especially because it stays on well throughout the day!

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