What I got for Christmas 2013

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Sorry for the blogging absence lately, I wish I could blame it on the fact it has been Christmas and I have been relaxing but actually it is complete the opposite - It's my final year of uni so I have been absolutely stacked out with shed loads of uni work at the moment and not to mention part-time work! I have missed blogging so so much over the last few weeks, so I have allowed myself an evening off and to get my "What I got for Christmas" post up. I just want to say I am in no way 'bragging' or trying to show off, I generally really enjoy reading these types of posts and having a nose at what everybody got, so I hope you do too!

Just to mention the first picture above is taken on my ipad so apologizes for the bad picture quality - Anyways on to the post... here are a few main bits I got for Christmas, I haven't taken pictures of absolutely everything as some of the stuff I was just dying to open, use and wear so here is the stuff I managed to keep to show you....
Michael Kors || watch - This present came as SUCH a surprise to me, I hadn't really asked for anything in particular this year - I'm always eyeing up and going on about the fact I want another Michael Kors watch but there was no way I thought I would be getting one! My boyfriend surprised me with this (bless him!) - I already own a gold/white one and so really wanted a rose gold one, I didn't even tell him which one I wanted and he managed to pick the exact one I had been lusting after.  
Umberto Giannini || Incredible body full volume hair kit - My nan had already brought me a pair of grey stripped trousers from River Island as an early xmas present, so I really wasn't expecting anything else - everybody knows I LOVE big hair (even my nan!) so this present was literally me in a box! Big hair products, rollers and a comb. Hello volume!
Soap and Glory ||"Relax station" - Christmas just wouldn't be complete without a soap and glory gift set! I was about due another stock up on my wholly grail soap and glory smellies - so these will defo come in use over the next few months. I love the hair turban and body scrubber included in this gift set - so handy!
Make-up goodies - I was truly in my beauty blogger element when I opened up this little box filled with make-up goodies - my mum know's me too well! I love it all -  some of my favorite items inside this box are Mac's cherry lipliner and Ruby Woo lipstick as well as the santa's lip scrub by Lush - perfect for revitalizing dry crusty lips!
Urban Decay || Naked Pallete 2 - One of my personal goals this year was to start experimenting more with eyeshadow as I just generally never tend to wear it - I know everybody obsess about the Naked pallates and how good they are and the Naked 2 has always caught my eye so I was more than chuffed when my mumma surprised me with this!
Paco Rabanne || Lady Million -  Perfume is always on my wish list at Christmas - I always get through it so quick! My boyfriend brought me another bottle of my all time favorite Lady million. This fragrance is so easy to wear and has a real fresh element to it accompanied by a Woody/ floral scent. 
Jimmy Choo - I had mentioned to my best friend I was in desperate need of perfume and since we are literally so similar I knew she wouldn't fail in picking an amazing one! There's nothing better than adding a new scent to your perfume collection and this one is definitely one I will be re-purchasing. It has a gorgeous woody, musky, sexy smell and is perfect for both day and night.
Britney Spears || Fantasy - Another one of my regular perfumes in which I had mentioned to my mum I had ran out off - I can't stress how good this perfume is! This is a really girly girl perfume and very sweet, it stays on throughout the day and I always get whiffs of it on myself. I am forever getting compliments when I wear this perfume and people are so shocked when I say Britney Spears!
L'oreal hair products - My mum knows how much I love these hair products at the moment and so included these as little stocking fillers for me. Such a cutie!
Aussie Hair products - My boyfriend brought me this Aussie giftset as he know's how much I love the smell of these hair products. I really do like Aussie as a change - the 3 minute miracle never fails me when my hair is looking like it needs some TLC.
Tartan crop top || Grey top || Grey/Black trousers || Pink PVC skirt - All Missguided. Missguided has been one of my favorite online clothes sites this year. Although I will warn you, it is one of those sites that when you see it, GET IT - as things do tend to sell out quick. This tartan crop top will look great teamed with my black PVC skirt. I had been waiting forever for this pink pvc skirt to come back in stock - this will look cute teamed with a black fluffy jumper.
Baby pink top, Missguided || baby pink fluffy cardigan, H & M || Black fur Gillet, Topshop - I cannot even begin to tell you how long I have wanted a fur gillet, this topshop one is soo soft and amazing quality, I cannot wait to start teaming it with some outfits. I have been dying to add some baby pink into my wardrobe this season, so I was super excited when I got this fluffy cardy and top.

I also got other bits and bobs that I didn't take photos off such as a new purse, make-up bag, gift vouchers, pjs, a fluffy head band, wine and chocolates! I really am so grateful and thankful for everything I have got this year, I have the best family, boyfriend and friends ever.

What did you get for Christmas? I would love to read your posts if you have done one!

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Hi lovely, I think your blog is great so I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!


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