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Last week I popped into Asda to pick up a few bits for dinner, I told myself prior that this would be an in and out kind of trip, sticking strictly to my shopping list and to not let myself get drawn in to anything I do not NEED (especially beauty wise!) Who was I kidding hey? Walk in and shabanggg, I strayed straight across to browse the cosmetic aisle. *slap on the wrist*

I really fancied trying some new skincare products as this is something I have been neglecting lately. Catching my eye straight away was the skincare range by Nspa - I am an absolute sucker for packaging, its all about first impressions in my opinion so if something entices me to pick it up, chances are I will more than likely buy it. Nspa's products did just that, gorgeously packaged adding a touch of luxury whilst conveying a higher end quality to an affordable price tag! They retail for £6 each but currently are any 3 for £10 in Asda at the moment.

One thing that I instantly loved about this range is the 4 step number system that they have on their products - Cleanse, exfoliate, treat and moisturise. It adds a nice feature to their products, guiding you on where it fits in within your skincare routine and in what order to use it.

So on to the products...

The 5 minute magic mask is described as an 'intensive pore-refining mask to smooth and enhance skin texture'. The product itself is a smooth pale pink highlighting like formula containing small beads that release of vitamin E when broken onto the skin. There is a slight herbal smell to the product which gives you that fresh revived feeling when applied to the face. I have been using this product twice a week, massaging a smooth layer onto my skin whilst leaving for five minutes in order for the small beads containing vitamin E to break. I then splash my face with warm water to remove all traces of the product. I must say I was rather impressed to how gorgeous soft and refreshed my skin actually felt after using this product (I couldn't stop stroking it!). As for the pore-refining though I wouldn't say this is your miracle must have product - mine were slightly decreased however by no means vanished!

The night repair cream contains a rich and soothing cocktail of active ingredients (including Ginseng, natural Vitamin E and ceramides) to nourish, repair and strengthen your skin. The product consistency is spot on in my opinion - a pale pink thick creamy texture that when swiped over the skin makes it appear and feel both silky smooth. I apply this product before I go bed and when I wake up there is no doubt that my skin is softer, smoother and appears a brighter complexion.

Overall these products are really good value for how little they cost. They seem so much more expensive and of a higher range than what they actually are and I would definitely look to try out and purchase more of this brand.

Have you tried any Nspa products? I would love to hear your thoughts!



Abbie Lou said...

great post hun, I always end up doint the same, I can never stick to my list when I see the beauty isle! :) Hope you don't mind but I've nominated you for a liebster award, theres a post on my blog which explains it xx

Laura said...

The hot cloth polish from this range is good too. Comparable to the Liz Earle one but a fraction of the price :-)

Laura Gemma said...
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Laura Gemma said...

Hi babe - aw thank you I will pop over and have a look now.


Laura Gemma said...

Ahh yeah I seen that... thats next on my list of things to try hehe :-) xx

Laura Gemma said...

Ahh yeah I seen that... thats next on my list of things to try hehe :-) xx

Leslie Lim said...

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Silvia Jacinto said...

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