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When it comes to choosing a lipstick to wear nothing beats a good old lashing of red; it is my absolute pick me up on all those days I feel blaa and never fails to make me feel (and look) that little bit better. Standing over the MAC counter trying to choose that perfect shade of red whilst looking down at a million different variations, can be somewhat of a mammoth and daunting task. *Which one to choose?* Well in order for you to get a better idea of what kind of red is up your street, let me introduce to you to a few of my all time favourite reds...

From left to right - Illamasqua Box -Mac Russian Red - Mac So Chaud - Mac Lady Danger - Mac Scarlet Ibis (LE) - Rimmel Kate Moss collection No.12.

Illamasqua | Box - Illamasqua describe this lipstick as a "deep scarlet red with a  matte finish" - which is spot on. As the winter draws closer, it is inevitable that my darker shades of red start making a full return to my make-up bag - adding a more vampy look to my make-up which I like in the darker colder months! My only criticism is that it is VERY matte - so it can tend to leave my lips feeling quite dry and bitty however, to curve this make sure you exfoliate and moist your lips with a dab of Vaseline before application.

Mac || Russian Red - This lipstick is no doubt my all time go to Red (hence how much there is left!) - It is a gorgeous intense classic red and on the darker spectrum of my lipsticks. It is easily the most versatile lipstick I own and goes with all my make-up looks alongside my entire wardrobe. It is again a matte finish like most of my Red's featured will full coverage and great staying power. For the perfect red lip I apply this with MACs cherry lipliner - which is essential alongside this lippy as it stops any 'bleeding' or uneven lippy around your mouth!

Mac || So Chaud - If you prefer your shade of red with a deep orange pigment then this one is most certainly for you! Described as an 'Intense reddish-orange' this matte lipstick is a gorgeous bold colour to brighten up your day. I don't know about you but lipsticks with that orange undertone always give me that sunny summer vibe - it has been a staple in my make-up bag this summer and will be on hand during the winter for those dull dreary rainy days where I need some summer loving back in my life!

Mac || Lady Danger - This lipstick is a perfect red! MAC describe Lady Danger as a "vivid bright coral-red' however although coral is apparent, I still think it definitely has more of an orange undertone. The finish of this lipstick is again matte however still feels very creamy, is super pigmented and does not cling to dry patches or cause flakes of dryness (big thumbs up). Longevity wise, this lipstick can be worn for hours without the need to make a mad dash to the toilets every half hour to apply more - always a winner!

MAC || Scarlet Ibis - Described as a "bright orange red" this lipstick is in many ways similar to Lady Danger, however, personally I find this lipstick to have more of a pink/coral undertone! It is a stunning colour (especially with a tan!) and again is matte so has a good staying power (around 4-5 hours).
Rimmel || Number 12 - Again another Reddish orange (sorry!) - I love this lipstick for a more (dare I say) 'natural' look and the reason why is the finish. These lipsticks give a semi-matte finish with a gorgeous glossy sheen to them, making them feel not as bold and in your face as the matte finishes by MAC which is perfect when you want to tone your lippy down! The only slight irritation is the staying power which is probably about 2-3 hours applied with a lip liner.

^^ MAC Redd || MAC Cherry

These are my 2 absolute essential lip liners for red lips. I cannot STRESS how important it is to apply a lip liner prior to your lipstick- Firstly it creates your shape, allowing you to define and create bigger lips if you aren't blessed with gorgeous thick full lips like Angelina Jolie's. Secondly it stops that all important smudging and bleeding from your lipstick, so it stays perfect and neat with no messy lipstick around your lips. It also helps keep your lipstick on for longer which is a definite must - especially for nights out. If your like me and love a matte lip, I apply these on their own sometimes for that extra matte lip - they last for HOURS!

What are you favourite Red's?

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