Whitening strips | Crest Whitestrips Supreme

 Crest Whitestrips Supreme// 14 strips// 7 packets // £16.95
'Crest Whitestrips Supreme tooth whitening strips are 80% more effective than the Crest Whitestrips available to retail.'
Super white teeth
Not too expensive
Notice a difference after 2/3 strips
Application is half an hour
Sensitive teeth
Slight taste of the teeth whitening
For the past few months now I have been on the search to try and find the best teeth whitening product in a bid to make my teggas sparkly Essex white! After trying a fair few - none of which relatively worked or made any drastic changes I have FINALLY found the one where I literally could not stop looking in the mirror at my teeth - yes it really is that amazing...
The product itself are strips that are applied to the teeth, so if you have tried crest whitening strips before they are exactly the same accept these ones are SUPREME - with the normal versions advanced vivid etc I found them really tedious and you literally needed to apply 1/2 a day for a week before you would start to see any difference, however, with these I started to see a massive difference after using just two !! Apparently these are not available in shops/retail outlets and are only available at dentists or online as they are that strong - so that is always a good sign that you know a teeth whitening product will work ...
To apply these you literally peel back the strip off the plastic backing that it is attached to, be careful though as they are very thin! Using a mirror place each strip firmly on to your upper and lower teeth - I use the smaller one for my top and larger one for my bottom but it is entirely up to you which way round you use the strips. Once you have put them on your teeth-  leave for half an hour. I normally do this when I am doing uni work or watching the soaps so it doesn't feel like I am sitting around waiting! After the half an hour is up simply take them off and brush your teeth. Do not be disappointed if you do not notice a massive difference after your first application as with me I did not see results until my second/third application.
I will also quickly note that yes you might get sensitivity, the product does contain a high amount of hydrogen peroxide and whilst wearing them my teeth did tingle slightly and ache a little bit after, however, it did not last long and has not affected me since.
If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Lots of love,


Dental Implant Las Vegas said...

Not everyone want s to plop down the big bucks for a box of these things for a touch up. I'm glad these are available.

Anonymous said...

For us with quite sensitive teeth I can really recommend Stella white strips. They don’t cause any sensitivity in the teeth and whitens your teeth just as much as Crest strips.

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