MAC Lipsticks || Candy Yum-Yum & Party Parrot

MAC Lipsticks // Candy Yum-Yum & Party Parrot // £14.00
MAC lipsticks are a big favourite of mine - almost borderline obsessed with them actually (quite sad I know!) but I love seeing my collection grow and with the amazing colour ranges they offer it is almost impossible to resist a new purchase when I stray into MAC for a quick mooch.
The latest newbies to my collection are Candy Yum-Yum and Party Parrot - both are relatively new in store with Party Parrot being a limited edition and Candy Yum-Yum being a limited edition that due to popular demand has now been voted to be a permanent fixture in MACs lipstick collection. I opted in particular for both of these shades as they are both matte finishes - super pigmented, non drying and essentially perfect for nights out as there is never need for re-application! 
Candy Yum-Yum  - MAC describe this lipstick as a "neon pink" which is spot on. It is a gorgeous bright pink, very pigmented but looks amazing and eye catching on - a perfect party lipstick in my opinion. I tend to keep the rest of my make-up a bit more toned down than usual as the brightness of this is very loud and bold but it is great for a pop of colour on your lips!

Party Parrot - MAC describe this lipstick as a "bright red-pink" which is very true to colour and I absolutely LOVE it. In my opinion it sways more pink than red but it definitely does contain an undertone of red. Again a matte finish, so very pigmented, bright and stays on for a long while!

 I must say I am really loving these two lipsticks at the moment - definitely a pick me up on them "bleugh" days. Have you tried these? What do you think?

Lots of love,


Taylor said...

party parrot looks beautiful x

TheImperfectBeauty said...

These look right up my street! I love matte lipsticks:D xxx

Jade Hardy said...

Candy Yum Yum is currently somewhere in the postal system making its way to me and I'm even more excited now!! xx

EmilyGrace said...

Both of these shades are gorgeous!!! :)

Adela said...

Those look great ! I must try them.
Adela x

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