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 When it comes to make-up products one of my dessert island must haves is without a doubt mascara. For me, mascara transforms your eyes so much, it makes them appear so much bigger and generally makes you look more "awake" in the morning - so for this reason it is absolutely vital I never leave my house without a quick application!

Over the years I have tried countless brands of mascaras but no brand has been able to amaze me as much as L'oreal. For me all their mascaras hit all of my expectations of what I want in mascara and always give my lashes beautiful results. My most loved mascara over the years that I have always turned to has been L'oreal Voluminous, I absolutely love this mascara and would always be quick to recommend it but I would say if you generally have short lashes it wont make them that much longer, it will just make them super full looking and add lots of volume - for me it works both ways as my lashes are natural pretty long.

My new mascara rave though is one that I napped out of my mums make-up bag one morning (thanks mum!) - I  use to use this mascara when it first came out and LOVED it - I don't know why I never re-purchased and carried on using it to be honest because it is amazing, I think I just simply forgot how good it was. I have been using this mascara for a few weeks now and I have received countless questions and compliments from so many random people! My most common question is wow your eyelashes are gorgeous are they fake!? So yeah this mascara does make your eyelashes super long big and amazing!

What I love :
My most loved aspect about this mascara is how long is makes my eyelashes - They have seriously never been so long ever!! * To make them even longer use eyelash curlers* It also stays on great - no excess black bits falling on your face throughout the day.

Any Criticisms?
My only criticism would be is that I love my lashes to be spread out even and look very volumed (hence why I use to use voluminous) and this brush doesn't make them as spread out as the voluminous does - so one thing I do often do ( I didn't in the pictures) is use an old voluminous mascara brush and brush this through my lashes - this way you get the best of both worlds and they will look volumed, long and amazing.

What are your thoughts on this mascara? Have you tried it? Let me know of any other mascaras you love - I am always open to trying new ones!

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