MAC Mineralize Skinfinish | Review

When it comes to products to use on my cheeks I always always pick bronzer over blusher. I love blusher on other people and have lately been contemplating about going for it and trying one but since I have been bullied about my natural rose tinted cheeks I have naturally stayed well clear. Bronzer is one of my wholly grail products in looking sun-kissed and glowing all year round and I love how a little bit can go so far and give so much definition and highlight your cheek bones.

Two products in particular that I have been using at the moment are these two MAC skinfinishes which have had a firm place in my make-up bag for a while now - (as you can see I have hit pan on the first one) - The first one pictured above is "Give me sun" a mineralize skin finish natural - The name pretty much sums up this product for me, a gorgeous yellow toned matte brown that gives you a lovely bronze glow. I love the matte finish this product gives as in the day I prefer my cheeks to have minimum sparkle and look naturally bronzed. A little bit really does go a long way with this product as it is very pigmented so you don't have to use alot for it to appear on your skin - I have had this product for over a year now and have been more or less been using this on an everyday basis and still have heaps left!
The second MAC skinfinish that I absolutely LOVE is "Gold deposit", this is one of those products that does not leave my make-up bag in the summer. The colour is a lovely golden bronze with lots of sparkle and shimmer so looks great when you are all tanned up - your cheeks will be glowing!

What are your thoughts on MAC skinfinishes? Do you have any favourites? Soft and gentle by MAC also looks a perfect one for some summer shimmer!

Lots of love,


fashionablyACE said...

love the look of the gold deposit shade! xx

Laura Gemma said...

It is amazing!! :-) I love using this when am all tanned up, your cheeks give such a nice shimmering glow!
Laura xo

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