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When it comes to hair most people know me for my love of having big bouncy long locks. Although my amazing locks are down to having the best extensionist and hairdresser around (Graeme Donnelly - search him on facebook!) - my daily styling is down to a few tips and tricks I have learnt along my hair journey. I strongly believe that you can have the most amazing hair in the world but if you can't style it - it just misses the point of having amazing hair. As they say  - even the most thin and shortest of hair has potential - you just need to know how and what to do with it.

Achieving big bouncy hair starts right from when you wash it. Make sure that if you are conditioning it that you aren't putting the product near the roots and instead concentrate midway to the ends of your hair. If I know I am going out I always try to avoid washing it on the day as I find my hair is usually too clean and soft to work with - it isn't the end of the world if I do - I just find it easier if I wash my hair the night before.


First things first is your blowdry - you NEED to invest in a good blowdry brush if you want that salon style blowdry, I can't stress this enough. It's like a make-up artist using cheap rubbish brushes - it just doesn't work! For years I use to use a cheap big rounded brush from Primark which at the time thought was ok - but then after using my friend's brush from a salon wholesaler I literally could not believe how much of a difference it made to my hair and also how much easier it made blowdrying!! So I really do stress the importance of investing in a good brush and preferably with a gripped end to stop is slipping out of your hand.

I don't tend to use too much products when blowdrying but I do like to run a pea-sized amount of Toni and guy Volume plumping whip through my hair. You wouldn't think such a small amount of product would make any difference but I really do notice that added volume and bounce after using this!

If I am going out then rollers are always a must for me. I usually like to chuck in a few large sized rollers (primark one's are perfectly fine and super cheap!) mostly in the top section of my hair but if I can be bothered I will just put them all over. I then like to spray hairspray over them and leave them in for a good couple of hours.

This product is one of wholly grail items for achieving big voluminous roots. This isn't a usual buy for me as I have tried so many similar products to this and never really found them to work, however I received this product in a gift set at Christmas and it has well and truly been a staple of mine ever since. After I have styled my hair with my curlers I like to lift sections of my hair and spray this upwards towards the roots - I then add a bit of backcomb using a paddle brush and let the sections fall down.

I know Tresemme isn't the most highly regarded of brands, however when it comes to this particular hairspray I cannot stress how much I adore this product. It has been a firm favourite of mine for many years now and no matter what other hairsprays I try I always seem to come back to this one. To keep my volume in place all night I like to go around my hair and in sections do some light backcombing and then securing it with hairspray. Make sure you smooth over your hair on top though - you don't want to be able to see the backcomb! I then finally spray this all over my hair and give it a ruffle and hopefully you should be ready to go.
And that's how I achieve my big volumised hair look! Hope you have found this post useful. If you have any other tips and advice for me let me know - I would love to hear them.

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Becky Boo said...

WOW you look stunning and hair is amazing, deffo gunna take your tips on board :)

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