Soap and Glory || 'No Clogs allowed' deep pore detox mask

Soap and Glory || "No Clogs allowed" deep pore detox mask || £11.50 || Link here!

When it comes to my skin there's no beating around the bush - I obsessively take care of it. That much so that when it comes to summer time, factor 50 is my best friend and I am in actual fact a sunbed virgin - which may come as a shock to most as I am forever tanned (fake tan is my best friend!). I just feel like we are only getting older not younger and so why would I want to do anything that contributes to speeding that process up - exposing your face to the sun is so bad for drying out and ageing your skin, so it's just a big no no to me! Yes, do not get me wrong - we all would love a naturally tanned face but personally in the long run it's just not worth it! 

Anyways, I am not hear to rant about the sun and ageing (always going off track me!) - today I am going to talk about a recent face mask purchase I made by a favorite brand of mine soap and glory. Just lately my pore's have been more enlarged than usual so on a recent trip to boots I decided to scow around for a new face mask - for some reason this one just happened to catch my eye, maybe it was the "no clogs allowed" and super self heating factor that did it for me. Well anyway it was sold.

Packaging wise I have always been a fan of Soap and Glory's products - the product comes in a nicely presented box which always makes things seem that bit more luxurious rather than just picking up a single tube off the shelf (am I being strange?). The product inside comes in a tube that has a similar resemblance to a toothpaste, however, it does look super cute and it makes the product very easy to dispense.    

The product itself is a self heating deep pore detox mask - and for those of you that have never came across a self-heating face mask I really urge you to try one! It is simply one of the most bizarre feeling's I have ever experienced on my face. The product essentially heats up and engulfs your face with a warm sensation - this only happens however when the product has been wet and scrubbed in and so it doesn't last for too long but long enough for you to acknowledge the warmthness (is that a word!). There is a note on the back that once you scrub the product into your skin with your wet hands - it turns blue - this slightly disappointed me though, as I think I was expecting some sort of smurf resemblance but the reality was that it didn't really change colour at all  - however it was nothing to affect the product so I wasn't too fazed. After leaving the product on for five minutes it then says to wipe off with a warm, wet washcloth - I used my Liz Earle muslin cloth.

Results - The product is aimed towards oily/combination skin however my skin is generally normal so I did wonder whether or not I would see the full result. The smell of the mask was one factor I really did enjoy, it smells sort of minty, giving you a real cleansing refreshing aroma. Once I removed the mask my skin was dramatically softer and smooth, my pores were noticeably smaller and my skin looked fresh and revitalized. Please note - there is no miracles here - your blackheads won't have vanished, but to be honest I wasn't expecting that and I did genuinely feel that they were reduced and my skin overall looked in much better condition. Overall this product is a big thumbs up for me - it is a weekly gem for my skin and it has now become a regular part of my skincare routine. 

Have you ever tried this product or one's similar? Let me know your thoughts!
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